Chic burgundy

Chic burgundy


Is there a color for fall in your mind? Well that color for me is burgundy. Since I was a child, anytime I had to think about fall and months like October and November, I had in mind that deep hue of red-brown-purple which is burgundy. A very rich and elegant color, I have to say, which is perfect in any retro style. But in this case, for my bag and shoes, I tried something a little younger than the many serious and a bit 50′ burgundy outfits I’ve seen on the web.

I don’t mean mine is better, don’t get me wrong. I simply wanted to try something nearer to my age and to how I feel everyday, that’s all.

Hat: Accessorize / Sunglasses: German market / Jacket: taylormade/ Shirt: Zara /Jeans: 7 for all mankind/Handbag and pumps: Topshop

burgundy outfit

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