Chic YSL éclat



YSL make up is terribly chic, with its precious, golden packaging. Try to take out of your handbag a lipstick or a powder for the face to refinish your make up or to reapply it, after a dinner, and you’ll see the people around you…

I haven’t got many YSL products in my beauty case, because I usually buy them as a present for the friends or for my mum, waiting that they will do the same for me…but unluckily it doesn’t happen so far. The few products I have are among my favourite ones, not only for the packaging.

The first time I tried to use Touche éclat from YSL the pen was not working at all and I felt so sorry for my last purchase, because I really wanted to try this extraordinary concealer, once back home, but I couldn’t have any drop on my face. No “touch” at all. Then I went on clicking on the black button at the very end of the pen for minutes and it started working, after a while, but the experience was not as nice as I expected. If you happen to buy it, be aware it may take a long to work, but this means it’s not broken. It requires patience. 🙂

Luckily the product is really performing what it promises to do. It gives light to your face,  hides the darkest spots, helps you have a glowy, flawless aspect, which is important no matter of your skin tone. Of course on mine, which is very pale, darkest spots are more evident, and so is the effect bonne mine, when I’m capable of creating it.

My color is of course the lightest, so n°1, but it’s available also for darker shades of skin.

For higher light, you can match it with a golden touch of eyeshadow on the eyelids from YSL ombre solo, n°15 Gold leaf.  It’s a powder eyeshadow, you can apply with both finger tips and brush, which looks wonderful on every eye color.


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6 Responses to Chic YSL éclat

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  2. Glad you told , I am really rooting for this… How does it with though? Worth buying or not so special …

    • Alessia says:

      I like it because it’s a lightweight, quite fluid product, you use only the quantity you really need and it’s highly blendable: it fades well into the skin and feels soft and smooth. It has light to medium coverage though, so if you need to conceal heavy spots, dark circles under the eyes or other very evident blemishes, I’d look for something else. It’s designed more as a light enhancer / highlighter rather than a camouflage product. I keep one at hand for any retouches during the day and it really improves the make up if you don’t have the time to get back home, have a shower, remove the make up and/or refresh it. I hope this may help you a little bit more 😀 thanks for asking !

      • Aaha , thank you very much ! This really helps. I don’t have blemishes or dark spots but I use a concealer around mouth and eyes for a even tone. I love YSL products and they stand to its name, but yes if the price doesn’t justify the benefits I don’t want to splurge just for the brand name. Maybe I’ll try it in store before I buy it but you set my expatriation a right .. 😊

      • Not expatriation .. expectations…. Auto correct 😡

  3. Alessia says:

    😀 Don’t worry, it’s an expatriation for both of us in any case I guess, unless you’re French …Agree, if you test it at the beauty counter you’ll get the right feeling + find the right shade for you, in case. Anyway, try to test it where you won’t find crowds shopping and passing by. I mean those testers anybody is touching, are full of bacteria and very often half-dried, so not the best to judge the formula. Cheers and thanks for your interest

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