Pink lady

Pink lady

Influenced by the recent Valentine’s looks and the incoming spring time, last week I’ve been taking out of my arsenal the most pinkish lip balms, sticks and liquid stains I have. Considering the weather conditions and the wintery trends ruling still, they were mostly ‘cool’ or lightly fuchsia pinks , because I find them extremely chic with a dramatic smokey eye and I prefer to wear peachy and coral pinks in late spring or summer. Having green eyes, I noticed that pink is the kind of color that better helps them to naturally pop out, without having to wear much make up.

Now, after a series of posts covering high end lipsticks and brands, such as Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown and Dior, it’s the turn of more affordable but chic solutions. Clinique, Clarins and Sephora have gems in their ranges and the products you see in this post are definitely among them!

If you’re looking for an understated pink, or you’re not the kind to wear candy colors, try a lip balm, such as the Clinique Chubby Stick in #07 Super Strawberry. Whenever I apply this, I feel there’s no need to cover up with a lipstick or a darker color: it’s sheer, but tinted enough to stand alone. And lips feel plump and nourished.

Among my favorite products for the lips of all times, there’re the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. I’d recommend to try all the available shades, but the most suitable to a ladylike winter look is the first, #01 Rose Shimmer. Either worn alone, or beneath a lipstick, it will soften, embellish and make your lips look gorgeous. I’ve praised this product many times on the blog and although one year passed since the first application, I’m still loving it so much. (exactly like it happens with people)

Coming to more pigmented products, I have to suggest two liquid lipsticks from Sephora. They’re called Cream Lip Stain and the shades in the picture are #07 Cherry Blossom and #08 Whipped Blush. They’re probably the most long lasting product I’ve ever tried. Once applied, they dry quite soon and reveal a perfectly matte color that stays untouched, for hours, even though you eat, drink, speak, kiss. They offer a very high-coverage for a stunning color, but the feeling is soft and comfortable. If I had to suggest a pink to wear in the evening or for a party, it would be for sure one of the two.

Here below you can see the products swatched. Starting from the wrist you see the Clinique Chubby stick, which is the lightest and less pigmented of the three, then the two Sephora cream lip stains. I didn’t swatch the Clarins lip balm, because it’s quite transparent, but if you’re wondering how this looks like, here’s the post for you

#08 Whipped Blush really remembers of a shimmery and elegant pink blush.

#07 Cherry Blossom is a matte and bold pink.

Pink lady swatches

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6 Responses to Pink lady

  1. I have not tried the sephora ones … They seem nice

  2. Alessia says:

    They’re in my top 5 lipsticks ever. Wonderful formula and pretty range! And, what’s more, very affordable pricing!!! 😉 Check them at the counter or online if you can, they really deserve a try. 😉

  3. A Slice of Kate says:

    These are all gorgeous!

  4. Nice post and lovely pictures. Very helpful. Does the Sephora one dry out your lips throughout the day??

    • Alessia says:

      Thank you so much! If you nourish the lips before applying the liquid stain, you’ll have a comfortable sensation. It doesn’t dry out in a dramatic way, but being matte, is of course less creamy than a sheer lipstick. Just to make you an example, Nars pencils are far more drying! 😉

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