Low cost cosmetics

lowcost cosmetics feet cream

Quality products don’t necessarily need to be expensive. On the contrary, personally I think quality has also much to do with affordable prices and respect for the customer.

This is why I decided to star blogging also about low cost products, in case I find them trustworthy and well performing.

The first product I want to review is this foot balm from the German private label “Balea”. You can find them in the DM drugstores or online on Amazon

Given that I have very sensitive and delicate skin, it often happens that my feet need extra treatments and recovery treatments after a long night on high heels or simply anytime I wear new shoes or walk and run a lot. (yes I’m a runner as well). This is the reason why I’m always been purchasing creams and balms for the feet, to nourish the skin and soften any thickening.  And sometimes this purchases have just been a big loss of money, because the products were just brand brand brand and no substance. Or in case of something cheap, the result has been awful.

The Wellness Fuss Butter by Balea perfectly moisturizes your feet, without covering them with a grease gloss. If you have any previous experience of balms for the feet, you know that you should work the product a little bit with a massage and then wait a couple of minutes before to wear any pair of shoes…

The texture is soft, smooth and rich. The perfume nice, fresh and not too strong, but pleasant after the bath or shower, thanks to the natural extracts of mint and lemongras. The pot is very generous, so that the balm will last up to 3-4 months for sure and it really worths the expense (5,90 euros).

It’s the best beauty ritual to end  every stressing working day.


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3 Responses to Low cost cosmetics

  1. Reify says:

    Theres so many great German drugstore brands, Balea and alverde by dm and Alterra by Rossmann. They make really nice bath and body products. For things like shower gels or hand creams I don’t like to spend too much money because alot of the times the quality of drugstore products is just as good.

    • Alessia says:

      I perfectly agree. German drugstore brands are not “budget-saving” only, there’s more quality than one would expect. How come you know them by the way? I mean, it’s not that common to find somebody who’s tried so many different German beauty brands..

      • Reify says:

        I live in Germany 😉 in my early teens I used to always buy Balea products because they are so affordable but I always had my eyes on more expensive products. Over the years I have realized that they actually are pretty good quality and that’s why I still buy and use them. I recently tried out a new Enzymatic Facial Exfoliator by Balea and considering that its a drugstore brand they are pretty up-to-date while still being budget savers 😉

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