My top 5 red lipsticks

top 5 red lipsticks

From the beauty icons of the past, such as Rita Hayworth and Marylin Monroe, to the more recent celebrities Madonna, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese, all the most famous women of the world have used a red lipstick as an immortal signature of their style and charm. Red lipstick are a must-have for us all, no matter of the physical appearance. What brands and trends taught us, is that there’s in fact a red for anyone. Or even better, that every woman has her red.

Coco Chanel used to say that whenever you’re sad, you should wear more lipstick, because men hate women who weep. My recommendation is instead to find a man who likes and truly worships your red lips.

In the wide jungle of textures, colors and brands available, here’s my short list of the top 5 red lipsticks I’ve appreciated the most.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you like, I’ll be working on a post about my top 5 nude lipsticks too. By the way what are your favorite ones?

favorite red lipsticks

Dior Rouge Dior 999 – First of all, the packaging makes this lipstick a stylish accessory, rather than a make up item. The case looks chic and elegant, with its black silhouette and the silver belt. The color is a deep red and the mat finish is absolutely gorgeous. The enriched formula feels smooth and comfortable.

Sephora Cream Lip stain in the shade #01 Always red– this is among my favorites of all times. It’s an amazing product, it looks mat but doesn’t dry out the lips, costs a nothing compared to the most fashionable brands, but delivers impressive quality, the shade is the classic tomato red that suits everybody and what’s more is the most long-lasting among the five. You can drink, eat, kiss and it stays quite untouched.

Dior Addict Fluid Stick in #754 Pandore – A high impact color, but with a sensual glossiness? Well I’m not at all a fan of too shiny effects on the lips, especially if matched to intense colors, but I find dewy textures as more suitable to spring and summer. This lipstick has a fluid formula that, like the previous feels very soft and pleasant, but lasts more than expected. I put it at forth place, only because the Sephora cream lip stain is cheaper and although this is Dior, the other is a little surprise.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade #Dragon Girl- syren red – actually this is a pencil, rather than a usual lipstick, but the intention of the producer is that you use it on the lips too and not only as a liner. The color is deep, vibrant, trendy and really flattering. It has the perfet matte finish we’ve seen a lot in the last times, with a little drying effect on the lips as a side effect. But if you apply a little lip moisturizer or balm before, you’ll have no troubles. The only minus of the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils is that they’re quite big and you need a big sharpener too to use it over the time. Here‘s for you an example of how this looks once on.

L’Oréal Riche Collection Exclusive Pure Reds in the shade #Julianne’s Red – I found this beauty gem in London, as in Italy nobody seems to be selling it at the moment. The range, although limited, offers 4 beautiful different kinds of red, from a more brick red (Eva) to a bright coral-orange red (Julianne), a purple-y red (Liya) and a dark red (Blake). My choice went to Julianne’s one, because my skin tone is extremely fair. I also bought Liya for a friend of mine who found it gorgeous and nourishing. Here again, the finish is matte, but doesn’t feel dry at all. Why so only at the fifth place? Because beauty in my opinion should be available everywhere and the fact it’s so difficult to find the best make up products from L’Oréal is in my opinion not the best option.

Don’t forget to drop me your comments and suggestions if you have any other favorites. I’m always curious to find better products.

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6 Responses to My top 5 red lipsticks

  1. Great selection of reds ❤

  2. Jen says:

    I love all of these reds, so beautiful and bold. Who does love a red lippy?

  3. Alessia says:

    Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. So true, bold reds have the power to say ‘hello! I’m here’ even in the dullest days. Do you have any favorites as well?

  4. I love both the Dior Red you picked

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