Not chic products #4


If there’s something I can’t stand in the beauty world – and to be honest in the outer world in general – it’s when everybody hypes a brand or a product, which is more expensive than the average and then I give it a try, to discover that the customer experience it delivers is rather mean, if not completely disappointing. For this reason I created a category on Chicfirst, dedicated to all the not chic products I’ve found, in order to save you money, effort and expectations from something that doesn’t deserve your attention at all. To brands such reviews should sound like a honest incentive to improve or re-adjust things. Because nobody is perfect. And because from imperfection you can learn a lot.

Today’s not chic-product is from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the worldwide famous expert of perfect brows and it’s the kit of Eyebrows Stencils I bought online some time ago. Now I haven’t got particularly bushy brows, not desperate conditions to solve, as over the years I’ve been keeping good care of my arches with a thoughtful plucking and I’ve never tortured myself with insane face waxing, absurd pomades or crazy brow designs. Nevertheless, I thought a professional shaping could have been an improvement of my DIY usual brow routine to achieve that ‘perfect’ Hollywood’s glamorous look, and after years of enjoyment of the Benefit brow products, I turned to Anastasia Beverly Hills, because online everybody seemed to be falling in love with this brand.

Inside the Anastasia Beverly Hills kit you get n°5 transparent stencils you can create to design ideally every brow shape you want, from a thicker to a thinner arch. The packaging is gorgeous, very slim, elegant and luxurious. But then…

The stencils don’t stay put, because they’re not sticky and when you keep them still with one hand, to pluck unwanted hair or draw the desired shape, they move and mess up. When trying to fill the empty space with the pencil, the stencil makes you apply product all along the temples. It’s horrible!

No matter which stencil you select, this kit is not comfortable at all. Probably it was conceived for a doll or an ideal woman, but on me it’s completely useless. If I follow the shape on the stencil I end up with a totally unnatural brow shape. The full arch for instance is probably fitting a monkey, not a woman. Mine are really full, but believe me, the full arch is too much!

I also purchased their Brow Wiz pencil, but for that price, but I’m not happy either. The formula of the product is nice and it stays put all day/night long, but if compared to other pencils, this takes ages to apply, because the tip is very very thin. The color too doesn’t match well my brows as other brands do. It’s simply not my kind of style. And not my kind of brand.

Anastasia_not chic

If you guys have been using this kit, I’d be very curious to know your thoughts, because probably I simply do something wrong and I just need to get more confidence with it. If you’ve been checking this one online, wondering if it could help you achieve a better brow design, my suggestion is to invest the money in a professional brow shaping at a salon.

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10 Responses to Not chic products #4

  1. JuliaVCaruso says:

    I agree, the colors on the brow whiz do seem kind of off to me!

  2. I like your honesty lady! I did almost buy those but now I know I will never buy those just for the brow shaping stencils. No one’s brows are exactly alike!

    • Alessia says:

      You know, probably it’s me, but I cannot take the best out of it and wouldn’t consider buying them if I were you…Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for this honest review, I was wondering about their products, just like you said everyone seems to be crazy about them, but they are pricey..

    • Alessia says:

      Well, I’m not going crazy for them, I had a wonderful Benefit brow pencil and it worked far better than the Brow Wiz. I’m not at all willing to try anything else at the moment, considering that, as you said, they’re pricey and I need to purchase online, as I’m outside the US.

      • Same here, I am from Germany, so the stuff itself is not only pricey, shipping is as well and customs. I’ll keep my brow routine then 😀 using a 2€ pencil from the drugstore and Sigma Beauty Brow Powder, which is also kinda procey, but it’s the perfect shade for me 🙂

      • Alessia says:

        In Germany I’ve found very good drugstore brands, which deliver surprising quality. Danke fuer deine Kommentare und Schoenen Tag! 😉

  4. Never tried .. Although the idea looks promising .. Glad to know it sucks 😕

  5. Alessia says:

    I’d rather save my money, then give them a go. I believe that if they were sticky, things could be totally different, but as they are, the stencils move up and down when you fill the gap with a pencil or a brush…it makes no sense 😦

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