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My top 5 red lipsticks

From the beauty icons of the past, such as Rita Hayworth and Marylin Monroe, to the more recent celebrities Madonna, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese, all the most famous women of the world have used a red lipstick as … Continue reading

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Pink lady

Influenced by the recent Valentine’s looks and the incoming spring time, last week I’ve been taking out of my arsenal the most pinkish lip balms, sticks and liquid stains I have. Considering the weather conditions and the wintery trends ruling … Continue reading

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Sneaking extra light to your day

Last week has been all about rediscovering old favorites I’ve always used for their ‘enlightening’ properties. I don’t know you, but I usually feel January as the longest and most difficult month of the year. It’s hard to get back … Continue reading

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The trend: Pantone’s Marsala

If you haven’t been living on Mars, you’ll know that every year Pantone creates the fashion color palette, among which it chooses the color that will represent the next 12 months to come. Last year shade it was Radiant Orchid. … Continue reading

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Chic Baroque

As Christmas Eve is approaching, we’re all starting to sneak peak around festive collections, shop-in-shop corners and bespoke gift sets or special deals. Oh I love this seasonal mood! My Christmas style is pretty ‘simple’: an overdose of Baroque. Which … Continue reading

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Autumn body essentials

Now let’s talk about shower, bath and the like in the season we’re in at the moment. I’m a great fan of candles and scented candles in particular, as well as I love to have a bath. I wouldn’t say … Continue reading

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Chic make up removers #1

We all tend to speak a lot about makeup. Sometimes even too much. Forgetting that our complexion wasn’t originally made to wear so many different chemicals throughout the day, all year long. Without the freedom and ease to breath naturally. … Continue reading

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Chic August on the shelf

It’s August. Finally. But it’s not that hot. And ‘When is it the summer going to arrive?’ complaints are more frequent than ever. Sometimes we’re melting down, sometimes we’d better take the beach umbrella to repair from the rain. Madness! … Continue reading

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Chic nail care#1

Thanks to a couple of Beautybay, Sephora and drugstore hauls, my nail kit has recently grown up a little. Yes, again. I know…But believe me, they’re all “basic” things I can’t live without. And honestly, I think no chic woman … Continue reading

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Chic vanilla

Vanilla is usually one of those scents you either love or hate. And me, I’m among its desperate lovers. Although not a big fan of sweets and desserts, I normally try at least one spoon or morsel of any vanilla … Continue reading

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