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Moisture redefined

If I had to think about the achievements or discoveries made during this year, in terms of beauty knowledge, the importance of serums would be for sure on top of the list. Serums can be completely redefine the concept of … Continue reading

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Chic July on the shelf

In this very crazy summer it seems so strange to switch day by day from a thick raincoat and a wide umbrella to sleeveless tops and sandals. Although with its contradictions, it’s already July and it’s time again for a … Continue reading

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Chic night skincare routine#1

Okay let’s say it’s the night before that important date on your agenda. You want to look fabulous. You must look fabulous. And most of all, you must feel fabulous. And let’s add that you haven’t got a millionaire’s budget … Continue reading

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Chic better legs

It’s summer time and we all want luminous, tanned skin, that’s a given. And whether we’re seeking to enjoy the natural sun light or simply “nail that light from within” thing, there’re now products that can deliver. The only downside … Continue reading

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