Little Bobbi Brown haul

Bobbi Brown haul

Anytime I’m traveling abroad, I can’t resist shopping those brands which are not shipped to Italy or very difficult to find out here. Unluckily Bobbi Brown is among those and this is the reason why I’ve recently checked their beauty counter, tested and swatched some of their beautiful products and finally got home with three little treasures in my suitcase, which I’m sharing with you today. Probably you know them already really well and you have been using these products since years. (Lucky you!) For me they’re an absolute revelation! So I’m glad I’ve found two nice Bobbi Brown’s shops at Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Mall last week. If you’re planning any trips to UAE, the good news is that you’ll literally get lost among the many fantastic beauty addresses the city boasts. Don’t worry, I’m posting something about the trip very soon.


So what’s in my Bobbi Brown‘s recent beauty haul?

First up a combo of nude lipstick and lip pencil and then a creamy eyeshadow in stick format. Having been much concentrated on reds and dark lipsticks all over winter, I felt like I was definitely missing more natural shades in my collection. To be honest, before opening this blog, I was not the kind to look for ‘my lips but better shades’ at all. I thought beige and natural colors looked very dull on the lips and had a preference for either pinks or almost red shades. But reading other people’s blogs and looking at the many pictures on Instagram, I’ve discovered how elegant and sophisticated nude lipsticks can be and thought I need to try something else too. Now thanks to the last purchases, there’s an injection of new colors and brands also on my Chicfirst.

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Exfoliating with Cane+Austin

Exfoliating with cane+austin

Whenever you’re out of home, exfoliating may be a troubling step in your daily skincare routine. All the bottled products are in fact a bit heavy, space-consuming and tricky to travel with. As well as the big tin containing the pads from The First Aid beauty – one of my recent obsessions – is not the most comfortable solution. Especially if your trip lasts a weekend only. But if you don’t want to get back to a dull face or you’re treating bad breakouts, to skip exfoliating or acid toning may be a big mistake.

Cane+Austin Retexturizing treatment pads offer a smart solution to all this.


They’re individually-packed mini towels, which are already pre-soaked with a mix of 10% Glycolic Acid, derived from Sugar Cane; CoQ10, a strong antioxidant that hydrates and nourishes; White Witch Haze, that tones and firms the skin, plus a blend of Vitamins A, C & E to protect against free radical damage.


Anyone, even those of us with sensitive skin. Mine is super delicate and intolerant for instance and up until now it has been reacting quite well. I feel just a little burning sensation immediately after usage, but it lasts only a couple of minutes. Then I’m fine. Can these pads be used by men too? Absolutely yes!


Conceived to gently exfoliate the skin, they can be used twice daily, in the morning and evening on clean and dry skin. I wipe a mini towel over my face and follow with regular serum and moisturizer. The packaging allows a usage when on travel, as well as a short treatment, whenever the skin needs to be cleared up. They’re so so comfortable!


The box with 25 pads costs about 33,00 Euros on Beautybay. I think pricing can be an issue, especially if you’re not used at acid toning or you’re trying different brands. I wouldn’t say it’s a nothing, since I prefer to invest on a good skincare, rather than raving for a thousands lipsticks, but it’s a matter of personal tastes and habits.


Yes, of course, and I would recommend this product, because it really works. My skin looks more firm, radiant and clear now. Thanks Cane+Austin!


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The oldest in my collection tag

my oldest tag

I don’t know you, but I review my own stash quite frequently, trying to clear up things, decide what I really need to buy and what’s absolutely old and needs replacement. Solicited by Annie’s recent tag today I’m showing you the oldest pieces in my beauty collection. Given that I buy fresh scents for the house every month, I have nothing particularly ‘aged’, so I’m skipping this question, but if you girls want to do your own tag, keep in mind that there’s a part dedicated to house scents as well.

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Duty Free Dior treasure

Dior treasure

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been into nails. My first beauty obsession was in fact an entire collection of colorful mini nail polishes, which I still have in my parent’s house, although they’re now 20 years old or so. But, to be honest, I never had a complete and fancy nail kit before the Dior Manicure Couture Collection Set entered my house.

Now my beautiful, let me introduce you this wonderful treasure! It’s a limited edition, which you can find at the Duty free shops of some selected airports, such as Vienna for instance, or probably even online (try to check it on Amazon, for instance, as I’ve seen a couple of records). It was conceived to let people on travel enjoy a DIY manicure, but with the elegance and glossiness that only Dior can give to your hands. Because whenever we’re on the run, it’s not the easiest to keep good care of our hands. And a true lady cannot miss something special like this in her arsenal.

Curious to know more?

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A chic but cheap face cleanser

A chic but cheap face cleanser

After a few shopping sprees I’ve recently done in both London and Milan, it’s now time to rein it in, so today I’ll show you a product that helped me save some money, although delivering very good quality. Before trying the Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel Oil from The Body Shop, I thought that a chic face cleanser could be available only at a quite expensive price.

To be honest, I still think so, especially if you care about organic-sourced ingredients and high quality natural oils.

But what if you’re simply looking for a product to wash your face in the morning? So basically you haven’t got heavy make up to remove, or waterproof mascara on the lashes. Well in this case, the Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel Oil is awesome!

I use a tiny amount of this everyday as part of my AM skincare routine. I apply it on the dry face, wet my hands to emulsify and then, with a wet hot cloth I remove it. I end up with a splash of cold water and I pass to the other steps.

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My Monday make up

monday make up

It’s Monday, you must wake up super-early and the day is full of things to do and duties to accomplish. There’s not enough time for a complex make up routine, but you need to look fresh, radiant and chic all the same. (Needless to say). What’s my solution?

I concentrate on a highlighted base, to give an extra glow, a touch of soft bronzer to add the ‘bonne mine’ effect, I blow away any dark eye shadows and go for a golden-champagne-y, accompanied by black mascara and no eye liners and I end up with a peachy-coral shade on the lips. Below you’ll find the details about the products to achieve the look.

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7 eye shadows a week?

7 eye shadows a week

I admit, sometimes I might be a bit moody. But just a bit. And sometimes, not usually. Oh, well, it depends….Sometimes, more than ever…Which doesn’t mean I’m often moody. Not all. Ok, recently, I’ve been perhaps a little bit more moody than usual. And you know what this means on a woman’s make up. Lots of changes of mood and palette here and there. Is it a different eye make-up look a day too much for you? In that case, the problem is not me, it’s definitely you. 😉

MONDAY – To start the week and erase any signs of tiredness or lack of sleep during the weekend, we all could benefit from a touch of pink on the eyelids. To do so, my Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes palette is a beauty hero. Mood of the day? Tired.

TUESDAY – Tuesdays are usually very productive days at work. Good for posting, dating, pitching, organizing meetings and planning a brand new project. To stay energetic, a touch of a classy neutral eye shadow such as these from Dior 5 Couleurs palette is unbeatable. Mood of the day? Energetic.

WEDNESDAY – Okay, I’m still feeling the mood, and I can now add a touch of warmth thanks to a shimmery bronze-champagne-y eye shadow. Mac here rules. #All That Glitters is a great example. Mood of the day? Vibrant.

THURSDAY – Thursdays are usually the day of the week when we in Milano get out in the evening to see friends, drink a cocktail, join a party. A blueish smokey eye is my favorite look. Once again I get back to Dior, with a different 5 Couleurs palette in the shade #Carré Bleu. Mood of the day? Happy.

FRIDAY – Still in a party climate? Then dress the eyelids with a luxurious touch of Chanel, possibly creamy to nourish the skin and add a soft and fresh sensation.  Especially if you slept a few hours the night before. Illusion d’Ombre in Diapason embodies all this. Mood of the day? Hope.

SATURDAY – I’m relaxing and this is the moment when I need less make up than ever. For an almost bare look, this Mac palette is the most appropriate. Mood of the day? Melancholic.

SUNDAY – A brunch with my friends, or the usual lunch at my parents. One last walk in the city center, a little shopping, a film. Sundays are made for calming and preparing for a new busy week. L’Oréal Riche Ombre pure are so comfy on the lids and so bright! Mood of the day? Serene.


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The bronzer for super-pale skin


For all those women whose complexion is Casper-like, wearing a faux glow on the face may often become a faux pas. Many of us fall into the trap of using a bronzer that is too dark for their skin tone, either badly assisted by the usually wearing-too-much-make-up beauty consultant, or inspired by this or that v-blogger who uses bottles and bottles of self-tan and then with her, most of the times moon face, starts praising the chocolate brown bronzer of a cult brand saying how much it changed her life. But what if your face is not round, you apply fake tan once in a year and you don’t want to look like a mask?

Personally I don’t need sculpting, I don’t like brown, I prefer a natural-looking make up to an over the top.  And honestly, I haven’t tried many bronzers in my life. But if I had to recommend one that works really well on super-pale complexion, this would be for sure The Body Shop Honey Bronze in the shade #01 Light Matte.

I know you would have expected from me a more pricey choice, but now I’ll explain you why this product will not make you regret much higher brands.

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The make up bag

make up bag

Have I ever let you sneak peak a little into my make up bag? I don’t think so…Probably because I usually don’t carry much make up with me when I go to work, apart from a lipstick and mirror. But whenever I’m going out in the evening and there’s no time to get back home after work, the story changes. Although I never like to pack a lot of stuff with me, here’s what I pick up in the morning, to re-touch or add more in the evening.

FACE – I never re-apply foundation on foundation and being not a great fan of powders, the only products I take with me for the face are blusher and concealer. I tend to enhance the cheeks more than I’ve done in the morning with Mac Cheeky Bugger. The only second step to an evening make up after work is to cover eventual blemishes or dark circles under the eyes with Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for under eyes.

EYES – Less is more here and considering I usually feel very tired after a long day at work in front of the computer, adding make up around the eyes may have the negative effect of making me look even more tired. For this reason, I retouch lashes, with one coat more of mascara, usually Lancome Virtuose Mascara and I enhance the eye line with Make Up Forever eye pencil. Last but not least, brows need a further coat of Benefit Gimme Brows.

LIPS – I may change lipstick color and brand, what stays the same is the base. To nourish, protect, smooth the lips, Clarins Instant Minute Embellisseur Levres is ideal.

Anything else? Oh yes, a chic miniature of scent in bag-size please!

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Valentine’s gift ideas

valentine's gift ideas

Valentine’s day – love it or hate it – is every year one more commercial date to push us all purchase and spend money, on the one side, while receiving some extra care on the other.

I leave the pro and cons up to you and whom you love, but if I had to suggest somebody what to buy to a gal who’s already everything, but loves beauty, my ideas would be crystal clear!

  1. A SPECIAL SCENT  – If your lady loves scents and flowery kind of scents in particular, such as Jo Malone Tuberose and Vintage Gardenia, Gucci Envy, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Diptyque Do Son, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Dior J’adore and Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, just to make a few examples, her Valentine’s day could smell like Rosa Nobile by Acqua di Parma. A charming meeting between the elegance of rose, peony, violet and wood lily and the freshness of citrus, celebrated by the hot seduction of black pepper.
  2. A MAGNETIC EYE SHADOW – If your lady is romantic, cheerful, imaginative and smiling, on Valentine’s day celebrate her beauty with a special make up pick in which all the genius of the Italian fashion brand Gucci, can be perceived. It’s the Mono Eye shadow in #iconic ottanio a beautiful watery green that reminds of the enchanting feathers of tropical birds, as well as of the precious enamels and stones in the ancient jewels.
  3. A SOPHISTICATE PALETTE – If your lady is a million colors in just one color, mysterious, complex, ever-changing and without a unique label and definition, try to surprise her with the new YSL COUTURE Variation Palette in #01. Inspired by fashion fabric swatches, it ranges from light to dark natural colors ,covering all the possible textures and finishes, from matte to metallic, from satin to iridescent.
  4. A SENSUAL COFFRET – If you lost the chance to make your lady this present for Christmas, you’ll have a second opportunity on Valentine’s day. But hurry up! Nars digital world lip pencil coffret is a limited edition of lip pencils we all go crazy for! The set contains 5 wonderful shades, from a more neutral coral, to a shocking pink, featuring also other 3 easy to wear colors.
  5. A LUXURY VIBRATION – If your lady is an artist or loves everything about art, such as painting, photography, cinema, architecture, literature and poetry, the artistic power of this palette will captivate her. Hourglass The Modernist eye shadow palette is probably the most original one for its unusual pattern and it offers 5 effortlessly blendable shades to give intensity to the look.
  6. A SUBLIME LUMINOSITY – If your lady loves everything sparkling and infused with light, from jewels to glitters, sequins, crystals, shiny metals and surfaces, but has also a very rock attitude, YSL Palette Collector Lumière du Jour will wake up her inner luminosity. It’s a pink highlighting powder to use after foundation, preciously kept into a fashionable case, adorned with light pink and black sparkles.
  7. AN EXQUISITE KISS –  If your lady is a very sweet and delicate one, her beauty collection cannot miss on Valentine’s day a pot of By Terry Baume de Rose. You too will be benefiting from this rose scented balm for lips and cuticles all celebrities love for its unique nourishing properties. It’s rich in vitamin E, essential oils, shea butter and is stored into a luxury packaging.

But what if your lady was all these different ladies in only one person? Then indulge no more! Buy her the entire selection! You’ll make her feel like the happiest in the world!




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