Little Bobbi Brown haul

Bobbi Brown haul

Anytime I’m traveling abroad, I can’t resist shopping those brands which are not shipped to Italy or very difficult to find out here. Unluckily Bobbi Brown is among those and this is the reason why I’ve recently checked their beauty counter, tested and swatched some of their beautiful products and finally got home with three little treasures in my suitcase, which I’m sharing with you today. Probably you know them already really well and you have been using these products since years. (Lucky you!) For me they’re an absolute revelation! So I’m glad I’ve found two nice Bobbi Brown’s shops at Dubai Marina Mall and Dubai Mall last week. If you’re planning any trips to UAE, the good news is that you’ll literally get lost among the many fantastic beauty addresses the city boasts. Don’t worry, I’m posting something about the trip very soon.


So what’s in my Bobbi Brown‘s recent beauty haul?

First up a combo of nude lipstick and lip pencil and then a creamy eyeshadow in stick format. Having been much concentrated on reds and dark lipsticks all over winter, I felt like I was definitely missing more natural shades in my collection. To be honest, before opening this blog, I was not the kind to look for ‘my lips but better shades’ at all. I thought beige and natural colors looked very dull on the lips and had a preference for either pinks or almost red shades. But reading other people’s blogs and looking at the many pictures on Instagram, I’ve discovered how elegant and sophisticated nude lipsticks can be and thought I need to try something else too. Now thanks to the last purchases, there’s an injection of new colors and brands also on my Chicfirst.

Bobbi Brown

So the lipstick and lip pencil combo in question is composed of the Sheer Lip color in #14 Tutu and the Lip Liner in True Pink.

The Bobbi Brown sheer lipsticks deliver a lightweight wash of shiny color. Luxurious butters and oils improve the overall condition of lips, providing nourishment and hydration. They glide on smoothly and last evenly for hours. They’re for those of us who like a soft and elegant look, and prefer a sheer coverage. The hardest part is having to choose among the many beautiful shades!

The lip liner is velvety, soft, but long-lasting. It gives a natural-looking definition to the lips and furthermore, it’s equipped with a sharpener to keep the point always perfect.

Here below the swatches for you.

Bobbi Brown lip As regards eye shadows, although often wearing at least one everyday, I have never used sticks on my eyelids before. The range of the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow Sticks is gorgeous! Anyone can find the right color among the 12 superb shades available. I lost my mind for the #Golden Pink, but also #Golden Bronze, #Sand Dune, #Iced Blue and #Forest are very pretty!

This stick is a genius product!

  • It saves you time – You can just swipe and go and in 30 seconds you have your eye-make up done. Isn’t it incredible? Well to me it sounds like a great improvement of my daily routine, especially in the morning, when I’m always running. All women who want to get gorgeous eyes in one simple step should check it.
  • It’s very flexible – It can be used to shade, define, smoke up and highlight eyes. Once applied, it’s up to you if leave it untouched, or blend it with fingertips or brush. This product allows you to create whatever look or effect.
  • It’s waterproof – So it stays untouched all day / night long. It doesn’t fall out, fade or flake. Good to know for all of us who swim, do sports, wear glasses or have oily eyelids, isn’t it?

Bobbi Brown eye

The shade #Golden Pink, as the name itself suggests is a bright and shimmery bronze-y- peachy pink that you can use to let green or blue eyes pop out. Of course it can be used also with hazel and brown eyes, for a natural and everyday look. I think this is wonderful both alone, with just one coat of mascara on the lashes, as well as to create a base for a brown-nude smokey eye look.

In case you were wondering,Β  all shades are a bit shimmery, so that even grey and brown have a little extra effect. Here below how the #Golden Pink looks like.

Bobbi Brown cream stickBeing a creamy stick, the tip doesn’t need a sharpener. It’s the kind of product you simply twist and swipe. Very easy and handy, even when out of home. The packaging is absolutely smart and designed to save you both space and time.

I really wish we had Bobbi Brown aisles in our perfumeries and beauty shops and I hope they will start shipping to my country as well soon. It could be also a good chance to join one of their make up lessons!

In the meanwhile, I’ll enjoy these products a lot.

If you have anything else to suggest, I’ll be glad to check it at my next trip abroad. Have a nice day and week!

Bobbi Brown tip

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17 Responses to Little Bobbi Brown haul

  1. Dora says:

    Hey πŸ™‚

    All of those products seem stunning to me (I just think that I couldn’t pull off the ‘golden pink’ one, but that’s just my preference) but the lip liner is to die for! So gorgeous, perfect for the upcoming months.

    I also really liked the photos you took and that you included swatches. (thank you!!)

    Lovely post. πŸ™‚


  2. Jessica says:

    Such pretty colours! The eyeshadow crayon is particularly beautiful. Just added it to my makeup wishlist! X

  3. Alessia says:

    Thank you Jessica. It’s so beautiful and I think this color is an evergreen to anybody. You’ll be loving it as well.

  4. Lovely post! I’m glad you finally got your hands on BB products you wanted for a while. And when you have sheer lipsticks, it’s better for on the go and you don’t need a mirror!

    • Alessia says:

      Aha, interesting point of view, this one about the no-need of a mirror…sound a bit weird, but yes, I can agree. You know what, I prefer dark lipsticks with a matte coverage and neutrals or nudes with a little sheer effect. And yes, finally I got my hands on BB products. Hurrah!

  5. Jen says:

    The Bobbie Brown tutu looks really nice! πŸ™‚

  6. Love the golden eye shadow stick

    • Alessia says:

      You know, I’ve been a bit undecided about the color, as there are more than one…this is a bit more pink-y, while there were two other golden ones which both look amazing: one is more champagne-y, the other is more bronze-y…

      • As much as I love admiring well done eye makeup, I can just manage to put an eyeliner and mascara πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        I did try a shadow stick from NYX a while back in pink with silver , must admit loved how sticks work…!
        The concept of having shadow sticks is more considerate to the time it takes for makeup..
        I loved what you picked

  7. avibrantday says:

    Gorgeous selections. Dubai!? I’m still waiting to get caught up with your London trip, LOL. Hope you’re having (had) fun!! XO

    • Alessia says:

      Thanks my dear friend, true, there’s still a post about London in the drafts and a few beauty buys coming soon as well, between tomorrow and this weekend πŸ˜‰ I’ll be probably posting about the UAE next week, I was there for work and it has been a wonderful experience. Beauty-wise also, as you can see from the recent addictions. Have you ever been there?

      • avibrantday says:

        I haven’t been there. Andy had an opportunity to teach there last year, but I was still in the middle of nursing school… Darn! Maybe again in the future.
        I’d love to hear your thoughts about the culture there. Being so far removed, the photos that I see and things that I read about are kind of conflicting. In some ways the city seems very westernized (which I know is a taboo in that part of the world), and it’s obviously an extremely wealthy city. I’d love to hear your insider’s perspective, and I’m looking forward to your posts :o)
        Hope your weekend is great!!

  8. Alessia says:

    Thank you, it was a relaxing weekend (I needed some me-time). Well, as far as I’ve seen, it’s a very wealthy city and rules there are unexpectedly tolerant towards western habits: female wear their bikinis at the seaside, you can drive and walk around alone and drink a glass of champagne in a fancy hotel, etc…Personally I would recommend anyone a low profile though, as one thing is to tolerate western habits, one thing is to abuse and show off…and a true lady never exceeds, right? πŸ˜‰

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