Duty Free Dior treasure

Dior treasure

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been into nails. My first beauty obsession was in fact an entire collection of colorful mini nail polishes, which I still have in my parent’s house, although they’re now 20 years old or so. But, to be honest, I never had a complete and fancy nail kit before the Dior Manicure Couture Collection Set entered my house.

Now my beautiful, let me introduce you this wonderful treasure! It’s a limited edition, which you can find at the Duty free shops of some selected airports, such as Vienna for instance, or probably even online (try to check it on Amazon, for instance, as I’ve seen a couple of records). It was conceived to let people on travel enjoy a DIY manicure, but with the elegance and glossiness that only Dior can give to your hands. Because whenever we’re on the run, it’s not the easiest to keep good care of our hands. And a true lady cannot miss something special like this in her arsenal.

Curious to know more?

Then, let’s look at it a bit closer! Inside the Dior Manicure Couture Collection Set you’ll find everything you need for a complete nail care, from little tools to professional products. It includes a nail file, a wooden cuticle pusher, and 6 goodies for the nails. All kept into a black clutch, which is so fashionable to take out of the bag or suitcase, when sitting in your plain, or in the lounge, waiting for the next connection.

Dior Treasure

The nail polishes are three classical shades for Dior:

#108 Ivoire, which is a very minimal, chic and transparent nude pink

#999 Rouge Altesse, which is a timeless and glamorous deep red

#707 Gris Montaigne, a bright and beautiful grey, which looks perfect on the toes.

Dior Manicure couture

Next to the three nail polishes I showed you above, the Dior Manicure Couture Collection set features also a nail polish remover, a base and a top coat, to prepare the nails and let them shine at the very end.

It’s the triumph of style! The packaging is very iconic. Everything is refined down to the very last detail. From the pattern on the nail file, to the zipper that closes the set, not to mention the Dior signature on each product. All the mini bottles are in travel-size, so that it will be easy even to pick up just one with you, if you have very limited space or you need only something of the set.

Dior treasure airport

The cap of each bottle is a cover and it can be removed for a better handling. The nail products are equipped with a white cap, while the nail polishes have a silver one. Now tell me, aren’t these guys super- cute?

chic first_ dior_couture

It’s a great pleasure to play with these nail polishes. They glide on really smooth and easy, the dry quite fast and last up to 5 days, even if you type or cook and use the hands a lot.

Last but not least, a final look to the case.

Now, wouldn’t you like to have this set as a shoppable product at every Dior beauty counter? Dior, are you reading? Please, add this kit to the ‘usual’ collection. I know treasures should be kept for special people only, but I’m sure your kit will have a lot of success worldwide.



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13 Responses to Duty Free Dior treasure

  1. 😍😍😍😍 i REALLY WANT THIS !!!!!

  2. By far my favourite formula of nail polish! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Œ
    Lots of xx, Annie


  3. janandjot says:

    Omg what a great buy! Love this and hope my husband can find it for me at an airport he goes to since he travels so much for work. Thanks for posting this πŸ™‚ xoxo Janet

  4. I’m so jealous. What a great collection x

  5. Ooh fun! I love how it comes in the packaging similar to their holiday makeup collection packaging!

    • Alessia says:

      Hi ma belle! True, packaging is gorgeous here and the holiday collections look usually wonderful and refined down to the very last detail. Dior is Dior, by the way…

  6. avibrantday says:

    What a fantastic find! It’s so much fun to see the exclusives only available during travel. I would definitely snap up this set!!

  7. Alessia says:

    Hi Jackie, you’re right, the travel exclusives are so nice to find. There are brands which boast incredible collections, I’ve seen also gorgeous palettes from both YSL and Lancome, for instance. The first does three sets which look like an iphone glossy case and inside offer eye-shadows and blushers. Lancome created a series of little wonders I would use in any case also when at home. I’m probably purchasing them next time πŸ˜‰

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