Beauty in a pink tube

Beauty in a tube l'occitaneBeauty packaging can be enchanting. But not at all user friendly. Or on the contrary, it can be so easy and comfortable, that you may immediately want to purchase more, for the next occasion. Tubes are among the best beauty packaging ever. They keep contents safe and clean, you can squeeze them till the very last drop, they weight less than bottles or pots. And last but not least, they’re so cute!

Tube packaging is actually very common. Apart from the cosmetics we’ve all quite been used at seeing into tubes, such as foundation, or hand-cream, nowadays even eye shadows, mascaras, lip-balms and many others can be found in this format. Me I’m in love with beauty tubes.

Today I’ll show you those I couldn’t live without. They’re all pink, but contain different products, which are worth to check, no matter how beautiful the packaging.

Clarins Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres – This entered my beauty bag one year ago and it never left. It nourishes with a pleasant pink sheer. Lips look plump and sexy, both with or without lipstick. More than a balm, it looks gorgeous in all the available shades. Very much recommended!

L’occitane Hand Cream Cherry Blossom – A celebration of the poetic beauty of cherry blossoming. This is the secret of its worldwide success. It contains shea butter and cherry extract, to leave the skin soft and delicately scented.

Estée Lauder Resilience Lift extreme – a wonderful mask if you have dry skin or you want to treat a temporary dryness, such as after a night out, a long flight, a lot of air-conditioning exposure and so on.

Beauty in a tube

And now tell me, aren’t they cute?

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7 Responses to Beauty in a pink tube

  1. Thanks for the post and lovely product recommendations. 🙂

  2. Oooo i have never heard of the Estee Lauder Skin Mask !!!! I would love to try it .. !!! And yes tubes definately add that fun look with convenience

  3. Alessia says:

    It’s said to be ‘firming’ and anti-age, but to be honest I think it’s more an anti-dryness treatment…I’m not a senior woman and I enjoy this once a week all the same, for instance. I’ve also masks in different packages, but my feeling is that much of the product is still there when the pump doesn’t work anymore …tubes at least can be used till the very last drop. 😉

  4. Hi Alessia! 🙂 I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for The Sisterhood Award. Please click the link for the details:

  5. avibrantday says:

    Yes, they are cute :o) I agree about the L’Occitane hand cream (!), and I’d love to try the other two items as I know these brands reliably release excellent products.

  6. Alessia says:

    Clarins is a great surprise to me. Recently whatever I buy from them is a ‘thumbs up’ product. Their moisturizer for instance is one of those my skin seems to be loving the most. The lip balm is gorgeous, both bare and beneath the lipstick. I need to use more from this brand. Estee Lauder too is very reliable, though a bit more pricey…this mask for instance can be used even by not so aged skin types, as ours, given that it’s more hydrating rather than anti-wrinkle or maybe the two effects are connected somehow…

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