Kiko lips must haves

kiko lip must haves

This spring will be almost dominated by the trend of colorful lip balms and transparent lipsticks. Clarins and Dior, for instance, just to make a few names have launched this year wonderful products, which enhance the natural beauty of lips, but don’t look at all over the top. If you want to try something different and extremely convenient, try the Kiko Ultra Glossy stylos. They glide so smooth on the lips, thanks to a special combination of light oils and polymers and they feel creamy and lovely. The range is wide, as usual, so that anyone will be able to find the right shade, among the 21 available. They aren’t mat, but look dewy and sheer, exactly like in the last trends.

For a not too washed out effect and a longer hold on the lips, I use a lip pencil before, to give symmetry and framing. Check the Precision Lip Pencil from Kiko as the name suggests it has a very fine result and the lead is very soft.

When a little bit warmer weather comes around, I love to take out my peach-y and more coral-y pink lipsticks forgetting about all the darker shades. Apart from fucsia, of course, but this is an other story, I’ll probably be telling you in the future.

This is why my Kiko stylo is in #804 Pearly Watermelon, a pastel apricot-peach pink, you can easily wear from the very early morning.  It’s less than 5 pounds, are you tempted now?

kiko must have

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9 Responses to Kiko lips must haves

  1. This product is now on my wishlist!

    • Alessia says:

      😀 😀 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy it as well and thanks for the trust. I bought the shades #803 which is a gorgeous pink, #804 which is a little more peachy and #810 a soft, light shimmery red. They’re all the kind of soft balmy kind of lipstick, rather than the usual high coverage mat product, which I find more suitable to winter. Spring and summer definitely need something more dewy and creamy in my opinion and considering the price, these are worth the let’s call it …’effort’

  2. I want to try a bunch of kiko products .. These look great

    • Alessia says:

      They’re very cheap, which is the main benefit. If you’re interested in something in particular, just ask, I’ve tried a lot of their products. My personal preference goes to nail polishes and lip products. My eyes unfortunately don’t tolerate Kiko mascaras and eye shadows…a big pity as the range is so pretty.

      • Great to know !! How are their blushes?

      • Alessia says:

        I tried a couple of years ago a ‘baked’ one which was multidimensional and multicolor and the powder was very beautiful. I think it was replaced by the new mosaic one, as they’re always launching new collections and they replace products quite soon. The more ‘classic’ monochromatic powder blushes are a bit dry, but they’re great if your complexion is combination to oily for instance. Those in stick, once applied look very natural. I have one of their bronzers, which I use as if it was a blush, because it’s a baked one and looks not flat. It’s a gorgeous product.

      • Thank you so much !!! I will listen to this advice next time i go to their store 😘

  3. Kiko stated to get the fame they actually deserve! Finally! 😌👌
    Lots of xx, Annie

    • Alessia says:

      I agree, they’re very smart and sometimes incredibly smart in launching new products, which won’t make you regret high-end brands. I’ve been surprised even by their tools: from the nail buffer to the travel empty bottles and pots, not to mention their brushes…

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