The pure truth

pure truth

Now that my oil serum for the face from REN passed away in peace, after a long and honored career, and a mutual love relationship for both of us, I’m using the Ole Henriksen’s Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. A serum oil that offers a high quality pool of antioxidant and vitamins to boost the natural radiance of the skin, improve hydration, resilience and fight against the signs of aging.

A product whose name says ‘Pure truth’ is of course a good starting point for a happy love relationship I think. Don’t you agree?

When you love someone, you never doubt about his/her sincerity. Whenever you wonder ‘Is he/she lying to me?’ is the beginning of the end.

Last year I discovered the incredible properties of natural oils, even to make the skin glow once wearing make up. I never stopped using oil serums and I would recommend one to anybody, no matter of the age or skin condition.

Coming to this product more in detail, which my skin seems to love, I’ll tell you about its ingredients and how it behaves on me. So that you could make a comparison to your actual treatment, or perhaps take it into account for any future purchase.


– 100% Organic Rose Hips Seed Oil – pure, unfiltered, unprocessed and cold pressed for the highest potency, is a natural source of active:
– Vitamin A (retinol) – activates cell renewal to improve, texture, tone and clarity of skin
– Vitamin C – boosts collagen to strengthen and firm skin, brighten and restore radiance
– Omega 3, 6 (essential fatty acids) and 9: (80%) – deeply nourishes, cushions and hydrates
– Vitamin E – soothes and heals, improving scars, burns and wrinkles


It has a strong orange color and a nice scent of citrus.

On my skin it feels luxurious and lightweight, it quickly absorbs and leaves the skin bright and radiant, with no trace of oiliness or tackiness.

I apply a moisturizer on top of this, and then get ready with make up.


For the moment I cannot see any. 😉

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7 Responses to The pure truth

  1. athenasaxena says:

    nice post, when do you start blogging? perhaps we could follow each other 🙂 what do you think?

  2. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    No cons?! Sounds good to me, I especially love a citrusy scent.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. Alessia says:

    Hi Carmen and welcome on my blog. Actually I can’t think of any: it’s an amazing product from all points of view.

  4. avibrantday says:

    Wow, pure truth sounds like pure bliss. With an ingredient list like that and a sound endorsement from you, it must be a keeper!

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