The best concealer ever

I can’t believe I’ve finally found a product that can cover my bad panda-circles under the eyes so well! Believe me or not, I’ve been trying several concealers in my life, but none of them really kept the promise. From drugstore brands to very expensive ones. No matter of the formula and packaging: stick, pen, pot, cake, fluid, creamy…And the tragedy was that once found something apparently good enough, it lasted only a couple of hours and/or behaved badly behind glasses or in summer time.

What saved me?

A relatively new brand I tried and which I’m now introducing to Chicfirst, as it perfectly embodies what I expect from a product.

To be effective, to keep the promise, to give a chic experience, enhancing the natural beauty of a woman. I found all this in Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye  in the lightest shade, #0.5

For those who’re used at the Secret Camouflage from Laura Mercier, this will be far easier to apply. You’re not expected to mix anything to find the right hue and on top of that, you’ll need a tiny tiny amount of product to do both eyes. Mhm well, you know, I mean…under eyes…


The formula is super rich and creamy, but it’s not tacky at all and won’t make you sweat, which is very important when talking about eye concealers. If your eye-lids tend to be greasy or you use heavy creams, you can set it with a touch of loose powder. In my case, I skip this step, as my eye-area is very dry instead, especially in winter. As you see from the swatch below, the color is very very light, and it tends to a yellow-pink, which is the best to cover the usually blueish circles pale women have under the eyes.


Once worked a little with the finger tips, it blends extremely well, brightens, and sets for a long way. Among the ingredients, Laura Mercier declares the presence of honey to calm and nourish the skin, malic (fruit acid) to smooth and vitamin E to protect against the environmental stress.

Personally I don’t like to use a brush, as it will take too long in the morning to have an even application, I find finger tips more speedy and more effective.

It doesn’t smudge during the day and rests intact for up to 12 hours. Really really impressive!

And here for you one more swatch, to show, more or less how does it look like, once applied.

If you too are struggling to find the right product in this area, search no more and buy yourself a tube of this!

laura mercier_conc

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7 Responses to The best concealer ever

  1. Ninjaprooved says:

    Thats sounds like a perfect product for me. Great Review.

  2. ymorbeauty says:

    I used to love secret camouflage, but hated mixing the salmon color with the drier, lighter color. I had no idea she had this guy! I need to check it out asap cause I love LM products and have crazy dark under-bags. Thank you for the review!

    • Alessia says:

      I know, secret camouflage was definitely more a make up pro tool, rather than an everyday product and personally I haven’t got the time to work the two things together. This is different! Far quicker and smarter 😉 Give it a go if you can, as it has a full coverage and looks so bright once on!

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