Organic beauty

organic beauty

Organic beauty is a long-term trend in the beauty industry, we all can easily experience nowadays, thanks to the convenient price tags some of the cosmetics claiming to be ‘all natural’ come with. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean ‘safe’ though. So even when trying a cream, an oil or a make up product, we should keep in mind it may not be tolerated by our complexion. Just to make an example, in the past I had two bad episodes with a cleansing milk and a deodorant I bought at a pharmacy that caused me a very bad allergic reaction…

Do you use any organic products in your daily routines?

Those which I find very mild at the moment are natural oils, which I apply on both face and body as part of the AM and PM skincare program. I’d recommend you to use the dried-fruits ones, such as hazelnut and almond oils, because they’re lighter than other oils, don’t clog the pores and can be applied even during pregnancy. Any brands to recommend? Yes, of course! Try Weleda: they’re available worldwide and produce very lovely products, from relaxing oils, to baby oils, to anti-cellulite oils, passing through the best-seller wild rose oil. The side-effect of all these is the fact the amazing smell!

Coming to deodorants, we should all know that most of the antiperspirants or deodorants contain heavy metals and bad chemicals that could be absorbed by our skin, causing estrogen-like effects and allergies. This is why I decided to take into account a possible alternative and for the moment started liking natural potassium-alum-rock. I discovered not all those which are usually available on the market are trustworthy products. Some are even made up of synthetic plastics. So check it well, before usage!

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2 Responses to Organic beauty

  1. I really don’t get along with natural dedorants! 😕 Looooove the natural oils though! 👌😌 Have a great weekend lovely! 😘😘😘

  2. Alessia says:

    Neither do I, Annie, but I finally found the only one that works on me. At least in this season. I tried many, but they behave all quite bad…as regards natural oils, I’m usually checking if there’s any and which ones in the serums or the creams I use. It’s incredible, after years when I looked at oils like poison….

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