Extreme(ly) beautiful


I have a long love affair going on with Dior lipsticks. Our story started when I was 18 and since then, it never stopped. We passed through all the color vibes and trends, from the most chic neutrals to the dramatic touches of burgundy, deep red, purple. We passed from glossiness to matte finishes. From blue cases to the transparent-silver ones and more lately, to the black ones.

Our relationship started thanks to my mother, who had always a Dior red lipstick in her bag when I was younger and told me since I was a child, ‘Whenever you’re sad, wear more lipstick, it will help you feel better and make people look at your lips, instead of your eyes.’

But what if you met people who encourage this love affair and push you to make it even deeper and happier? How so? By saying how beautiful you look with this or that hue, or purchasing for you every since and then a Dior-little-something to dress your lips with a touch of color.

The beautiful trio of Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks entered my home thanks to a present. (I’m not guilty in this case). But you can purchase the single shades as a stand-alone product too.

I’d recommend them whenever you’re looking for a lipstick that doesn’t look like a lipstick, but more like an understated, soft veil of color on your lips and you want to stay far from matte and drying formulas. So basically if you’re looking for something very much pigmented, this is a ‘No No’ product

The packaging looks very lovely, because Dior decided to use a metal-shiny paper box, with the product name printed on top in deep red. If the paper box is silver, the Dior Addict case plays on transparent, vibrant black –  black is for the couturier the color of perfection, mystery and timelessness.

Why the adjective ‘Extreme‘ if they’re not so pigmented? Because despite the lack of glitters, they shine a lot. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t make you look like a disco-dancer. And what counts the most, the formula assures an audacious and sophisticated style, with a perfect hold wet-look texture.

Technically this has been achieved thanks to 4 specialist waxes, acting in a targeted manner to correctly perfect hold, comfort, and shine in an astonishingly fine film.

Dior Addict Extrême is available in radiant but natural-looking shades, from nudes to deep colors, exploring all the facets of Dior elegance.

beautifulI know at this point, you’ll be very curious to look at which shades were into my present. So I did a swatch for you on the arm, hoping you could get a closer feeling of how they’re once applied

From left to right, you see the hues: #536 Lucky, #366Pink Icon and #336 Saint Tropez.

#Lucky is the darkest of the three, but it dresses the lips with a delicate pop of red. If the natural color of your lips tends to red, or is a bit dark, this will be very natural and elegant. In my case it’s the right color to use when I need to bring more light to my outfit.

#Pink Icon as the name says, is an easy to wear sheer pink, that looks like a little bit more than a lip balm, so perfect if paired to smokey eyes, or whenever you don’t want to use too much make up.

#Saint Tropez is the lightest shade among the three, and probably looks too fair on olive-bronze complexions. It has an orange undertone though, which makes it perfect on Asian complexion, or if you naturally tend more to yellow than to pink. So how could a typical Western complexion benefit from it? If your smokey eyes is in brown for instance, I think this will match it perfectly. (of course if you’re very pale). I wear #Saint Tropez only in winter, adding a brown eye liner and lots of mascara. It nourishes the lips, leaving them velvety and just a little bit colored.


If you check the beauty corner of every duty free shop at the airport, you should be able to find the trio, which is more convenient – needless to say – than the purchase of every single lipstick. The only difference depends on the continents, as I’ve been said in Europe the trio changes a little bit from this in the picture, which was purchased in Asia.

Have you ever tried them? I’d be really curious to know if you like the Dior Extreme lipsticks too and if you have a favorite shade to suggest.


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6 Responses to Extreme(ly) beautiful

  1. TheValid says:

    Love this! Chic post and awesome blog! I always enjoy reading! Check me out if you have time 🙂

  2. avibrantday says:

    I agree! These lippies are divine!! I have Riviera and Charmante. I love them both!! This trio looks gorgeous.

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