Mani Monday #5

Many Monday_5

I can’t believe the new year has already started since three weeks, and this is only my first post about manicure! If you’re among my aficionados you’ll know I’m not a fan of complex nail art, nor capable of painting those wonderful mini works of art on my nails either. The world ‘manicure’ has always awaken in my mind a mostly classic, salon-fresh and glossy look, with no lines, stripes, dots or whatever on top.  (I’m sorry)

A glossy, bright red. This from Dior is probably the most wearable shade I’ve had the joy to opening the door to during these Christmas days. Could you imagine a more appropriate hue for the end of the year? Pair a classy red manicure with a sexy black mini dress, add a happy smile and a glass of champagne and you’ll have the perfect party look.

Thanks to a couple of beauty hauls at the end of December, my collection of nail polishes now includes two new reds I can have fun with, covering the opposites of the product range in terms of positioning and pricing:

L’Oréal Infallible Nail and Diorific in the shade #762 Shock.


Don’t ask me comparisons between the two, because I would be very undecided. The first is a budget-saving nail polish, with something unexpected, because it’s equipped with a transparent top coat in the same packaging. You have a little bottle of color on one side and a bottle of top coat on the other side. With two or three layers, it becomes very deep. It lasts up to 4 days absolutely perfect and is very travel-friendly.

The second has such a cute packaging and feeling, that you’ll stare at it like, in front of a little treasure first. Then you’ll stare a it, once applied, because the color is sumptuous and sexy. The shade #762 of Diorific is bright and lighter than the previous. The lasting power is more or less the same as L’Oréal (I know, nothing lasts forever, unlike Love). What I like of it is more a feeling rather than a performance. It makes you feel as pretty as a vamp. Special. Glamorous. Although it’s a small product, and surely not the core business for Dior, everything is refined down to the very smallest detail.

Which one to prefer is up to you and your budget of course.

But now that you know about my addictions, you can tell, are you a red-manicure kind of gal?

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2 Responses to Mani Monday #5

  1. avibrantday says:

    Yes to red manicures! And, normally I’m with you about preferring classic chic manicures… I don’t know what’s happened to me. Maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis. LOL. ;0)

    • Alessia says:

      Haha, funny thought! I think it’s more the wish to try something different and not so obvious…I’ve changed my habits as well from super-dark to lady like, and there’s a big difference as well. Or am I already on a mid-life crisis too? :O

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