Hypnose Doll eyes

Okay, I won’t be posting about an eye shadows palette every week. Promise! But this post has been in preparation for such a long time, that, believe me or not, it must go online now!

Do we really need a new post featuring an eye shadows palette?

Yes we do! The bloggers world is in my opinion too full of the same brands, the same products, the usual stuff….And I love outsider brands. As well as I love surprises and gems where you’d never expect to find them.

What makes Lancome Hypnose Star eyes stand out of the crowd is of course the packaging: more compact and more elegant than the majority of the high-street eye palettes. And it’s not a case I purchased this one at an airport duty free shop. It is my favorite travel-friendly eye set.

Hypnose doll eyes

In its sleek and elegant black case, you’ll find a classic pink-neutrals combination of powder eye shadows, a mirror, a quite professional mini brush and two small buffers. The ‘wet technology’ allows you to use the shadows either dry, as all the other powdery product, or wet, for a more sophisticated and intense effect.

An other lovely feature is the paper sheet which shows how to create three different looks, playing with the different colors.

Schermata 2014-12-26 alle 20.21.33

A similar and more detailed guidance is also available online, on the Lancome European site. I checked the American version and the product is a bit different, offering though an even wider variety of shades among which to choose. (I’m so jealous now!)

The quality of the eye shadows is very good. I didn’t notice any smudges or unwanted fall-outs, even without eye primers. They’re very easy to blend and natural looking, from the lightest, up to the darker shades. I don’t use the brushes they’re equipped with, but it’s a matter of personal feeling, given that I tend to apply my make up at home.

At the moment, I don’t see any cons and I would sincerely recommend the purchase to try something different from the usual brands, although in Europe Lancome is very popular and also very much sold into the best beauty shops / chains.


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4 Responses to Hypnose Doll eyes

  1. avibrantday says:

    I LOVE Lancome! You look beautiful :o)

    • Alessia says:

      Thanks a lot! I Have a strange relationship with them, it’s hate and love, love and hate. Sometimes I’m perplexed about their prices, sometimes their offering is still far higher than the average…I like their fragrances for instance, but I still struggle with their skincare…I hope you’re spending a wonderful weekend

  2. Alessia says:

    Yes, it’s in general kept everywhere quite pricey, but I still enjoy other brands for skincare…

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