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The first week of the year has arrived, it’s time to get off those PJ’s, stop eating all the festive sweets, empty our baskets full of Christmas ribbons, papers, decorations and boxes and finally head back to work. I know it’s tough! But it’s also the moment of the year when we’re so thoughtful, motivated, relaxed and full of good purpose and hope.

The 2015 has started here with something warm, comfy, but chic.

I don’t know you, but I hate all those layers and layers of thick wintery clothes, under which I feel like a snowman. Yes, snowman. So, how to wear a white faux fur coat, without looking like a white-bear? First up, by adding a few touches of color here and there: such as a printed scarf, a hat, a colorful handbag.


And of course adding colors on both cheek and lips. Here I used a fucsia pink lipstick and my brand new Naked palette for a healthy flush on the cheekbones. I love this product! To complete the make up and frame the face a little better, I stressed the eye brows more than I usually do, with a dark brown pencil. My everyday color is a medium or soft brunette, but looking at the magazines covers, I’ve seen most of the models wear darker brows than their natural hair color, and you know the feeling…I started asking myself ‘how this could look like on me?’

chic white

The fashion experts recommendation (and it’s not rocket science, is very simple) is the more you add fluffy and thick outerwear, the more you should keep skinny or slim-fit your clothes underneath. Which means, for instance a black turtleneck and a pair of basic black leggings or jeans will be perfect. Or a little black dress, if you want to underline even more the ladylike effect. And don’t forget about the right attitude!

chic white 1


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6 Responses to Chic white

  1. avibrantday says:

    This is a lovely look! The purples really pop against your white. Additionally, I noticed your green eyes right away with this color combination. You’re making January look great! :0)

  2. You are looking hot hot hot !!! Your jawbones are to die for 😍😍
    Absolutely love the look !!!!

  3. janandjot says:

    I love this look! You look so chic and I agree with Jacqueline I immediately noticed your green eyes and love the colors purple and green together ❤ Janet

  4. Really liked the intro to this – describes my situation perfectly! Adjusting back to the routine is so hard :/
    Really like the outfit! Pretty make up & gorgeous bag!

  5. Alessia says:

    Thank you so much ladies, I’m so glad you liked the look 😀 I tried to play a little bit with the contrasts and it worked well with the winter light. Let’s hope it is a bright January for us all!

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