Chic eye liner

Rétro looking black eye liner has been my most recurrent make-up obsession last year. I remember that since teenage, I’ve always been one for eyeliner: so fiddly to master,  but also so elegant to wear, that I couldn’t resist. In the sleepy, dark mornings, to create symmetrical eyes and trace the perfect flick is of course a challenging job. For this reason, my advice is not to ‘spare’ eye liner for the special occasions only. We ‘common people’ need training and practice and the best way to improve in something complex is to repeat, repeat and repeat…’Repetita juvant’ ancient Romans used to say…

Luckily, nowadays you can find a lot of tutorials, schemes and tips to achieve the professional feline flick. Somebody uses a white pencil, to trace a guidance line and then fills everything with the black eyeliner. Somebody suggests to apply two pieces of tape at the outer corner of the eyes, so that the flick can be straight but also easier to trace.

Coming to the products, you can find three different kinds of eyeliner:

  • Liquid – Personally I think they’re the most difficult to apply, because the formula is very fluid and the precision brush they’re provided with has a too flexible tip. Whenever I use them, I end up erasing what I’ve done at least two or three times. And if you’re rushing in the morning, you’ll think you’re still in the bed, having a nightmare.
  • Pencil – A couple of brands came up with very interesting launches this year: so keeps your eyes open! I’ll surely give a go to Chanel, for instance. 😉 Unlike the liquid eye liners, here the tip is tough and the product is thicker.
  • Jelly – Jelly eyeliners are usually into pots and look like creamy products. Normally they’re sold together with a pencil to apply them, but if you want a piece of advice: buy an angled brush and use it. It will be the best tool ever! Jelly eye liners are to me the easiest kind to work with. A really budget-friendly product is for instance L’Oréal Super Liner.

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4 Responses to Chic eye liner

  1. haha! so true my lovely! ’Repetita juvant’ indeed… even when you have no skills and zero patience! LOL
    lots of xx, Annie

  2. Alessia says:

    I know, the same here…I probably started too late and always happened to be in a hurry…

  3. avibrantday says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I *really* want to wear eyeliner more often, but I’m having trouble with it smudging (now that my eyelids are more “mature”). I really need to find something that won’t budge during the day because it is so flattering.
    I enjoyed the diagram you posted to show how to achieve the perfect feline flick. And, you look beautiful as always.

  4. Alessia says:

    Thanks a lot Jacqueline. I’ve been recommended to use an eye primer under the make up, to let it last longer and to go for a waterproof product. Have you ever tried with the jelly formulafor instance? It is more compact and long-lasting than a common liquid and stays quite untouched even when you run a lot or go to the gymn…we could try to find something that works on both of us, it would be great to post then a sort of *approved by Jacqueline and Alessia post on this topic. 😉

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