Chic light eye shadows


A lot of us use eye primers to extend the life of a shadow: they keep eventual excessive oiliness in the eye area under control, thus preventing pigment from fallout; they hydrate during the day and create a basic layer to which make up can easily stick. Most of the times eye primers can be used to correct over-pigmentation, lightening the eye area, so as to enhance the natural color of the iris.

Did you know a similar effect can be achieved, without adding one more make up product to our usual routines? Nowadays light eye shadows ensure more performances that one could expect.

For this purpose, I keep at hand:

A BRIGHT AND SHIMMERY LIGHT EYE SHADOW – Such as L’Oréal Color Riche Ombre Pure #Little Beige Dress.It’s the first on the left of the picture, and as you can see, it’s a little shimmery mono eyeshadow, with champagne-y reflections. You can either wear it alone, or paired with a medium-dark brown in the crease, to create an elegant and natural smokey eye look. Conveniently priced, but surprisingly long-lasting, it’s very handy whenever you’re on the go, but you need that ‘little extra’ touch. The only minus of this product is that it strangely doesn’t work well with a brush and becomes a little messy in the package, when you try to pick it up with sponge applicators or brushes. The best way to apply it is by using your finger tips.

A MAT LIGHT BROWN EYE SHADOW – I’m one of those who got annoyed very soon by the same make-up worn everyday. Though I love shimmery eye shadows, in my beauty shelf a good mat base is always available. Mac Double Feature 6 has got a matte soft brown which is ideal for those who can’t stand glitters or shiny textures, but want a neutral base for the eye make up.

A SHINY LIGHT PINK EYE SHADOW – This is the best eye shadow color you can use for the base when you feel more tired than usual, or for a post-hangover-night make up. An absolute classic in this area is Mac All that glitters. Its pink-y undertone will help you soothe greyness or tiredness, while its reflections will lighten up the whole look. It stays put all the day long and shines bright, lovely and elegant.

What do you think of my selection?Have you got similar ‘secret weapons’ ?


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9 Responses to Chic light eye shadows

  1. They’re great! I love nude colors too! I think it’s a must for a girl!

  2. avibrantday says:

    Ooooh! Yes :0) I have a golden Jouer shade that I love for this reason ☺️

  3. I used to love and use Mac’s All That Glitters too, but I found myself using more as a base my Incandescent Light shade from my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette and another recent discovery/obsession was the Prime colour in my Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Palette!
    lots of xx,

  4. Alessia says:

    Thank you Annie, all lovely suggestions, I’ll remind of both these, for eventual future replacements. 😉

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