Pre-party fixers

pre party

In a couple of days at every corner of the globe we will be welcoming the New Year. Some of us from the typical postcard landscapes of an exotic island, somebody else with a cup of champagne in the hand, at the most glamorous black tie party in the city. Or, more simply, at home with the people we love. No matter how, we all need some extra care to wave ‘hello’ to this young 2015. You know the deal. At the end of the year, it has been a tough week for everybody, with loads of excess and less sleep than usual. And if you’re like me you love beauty, perfumery and make up, and you live far from your family, you want to look well. You must look well. So today I thought about sharing with you some of the products I use to fight against greyness, tiredness and the like.

SKINCARE – Radiance boosting peeling and exfoliating are a good idea and the best bits here for me are the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha beta peel extra strength formula 14 days challenge.It’s a beauty routine you’ll have to repeat every morning or evening for two weeks, so I know, it takes time, but if you start with a little advance, it will help you improve your skin even just after the first two or three applications. For a flash result, if you can’t benefit of much advance, there’s REN flash rinse 1 minute facial. It really takes just one minute! Apply directly onto the skin – wet your hands – pass them on your face to let the product act – rinse. Done! An other tip to enhance radiance everyday is to use the so-called ‘acid toners’, or better the lotions containing AHA acids. At the moment I’m using the First Aid Beauty Face Radiance Pads. They’re now available in a very convenient promotion on Beautybay.

MAKE UP – I won’t be recommending primers, don’t worry. But you can’t deny a perfect complexion is a perker upper par excellence. Given that I often get to break out lately, I always keep at hand a bottle of Clinique Anti Blemish solutions: a fluid foundation with salicylic acid, that treats your skin, while providing the best base to your make up. If you don’t want to touch your skin with the hands to avoid bacteria, you can use a powder brush: it will give a softer look. Mine is from Real Techniques. Last but not least, a red manicure is a classic. Have you ever tried L’Oréal Infallible Nail?


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3 Responses to Pre-party fixers

  1. I love the one minute facial by Ren. It just makes my skin lovely.

  2. maayuketa says:

    For the make up aren’t you suppose to use primer before every foundation product? beautiful post though. thanks for the follow 🙂

  3. Alessia says:

    Hi dear, it’s a smart product, Although I’m still a bit struggling with the smell, which I find ‘awkward’…don’t you think?

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