White Christmas

White Christmas

What’s the color of Christmas? According to a song it’s white, do you remember? Snow flakes, angels singing, candles burning, sugar icing toppings or powdered sugar decorations on the cakes….Can you see the White Christmas now?

Inspired by this mood, I’ve been creating a board with a limited selection of the best ‘white products’ I’ve been trying this year. There’s something for every section, from skincare, to body, coming to make-up and nails. So between a present to unwrap, a ginger man cookie and a sip of hot punch, or a morsel of torrone and a slice of panettone if you’re a fan of Italian food, have a read at my beaty(ful) white Christmas.

Le Blanc de Chanel  – Is probably the most in target product of all. It’s a primer-highlighter, which is suitable to all skin types and colors, because it fades really well into the skin. You can either apply it only when you need more radiance or all over the face. I tend to do this with a foundation brush, but if you’re more at ease with your hands, it will be ok. Don’t rub the product, as it is not a cream. 😉

Diorskin Poudre Libre – when I bought it the beauty consultant at the Dior counter told me it’s a setting powder make up artists use in the backstage of the fashion shows to help models look perfect on the catwalks. It reminds of the rice powder our grannies used to apply ages ago. As well as it seems like a beauty secret stolen to the treasure of a Japanese geisha. Worn in winter time, it gives the perfect mat finish we often see on the magazines covers.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Multivitamins Shampoo and conditioner – Though a drugstore product, this shampoo has been enriched with vitamins to give hair an extra shine. It rinses out well and is suitable to normal hair.

Essie Nail polish  – I made no mystery of the fact I’m not a big fan of Essie nail polishes. But if you’ve been looking for a pure white, that doesn’t look transparent on the nails, you know that the search is quite complex. And that Essie – of course – offers a beautiful white in its range. Don’t get crazy about chipped nails though. And if your mani will last only Christmas and St. Steven’s day, you’ve been alerted. 🙂

P2 Cosmetics – Is a German drugstore brand you can easily shop at DM drugstore. I tried these bubbly little balls you dissolve into warm water to whiten your nails. They’re really great! Afterwards your hands will have a wonderful fruity smell and nails will feel soft and nourished. As I know we can’t all travel to Germany for a package of this, I’ll try to find a dupe, or eventually a DIY solution.

Clarins Serum Capital Lumière – If your skincare concern is to prevent dark spots or to enhance radiance, this serum is what you need. It uses the power of plants to lighten up the complexion. I used this for months mornings and evenings and I noticed the difference. It’s a bit pricey, but worth the investment.

Here you go!

if you enjoyed the post, I’d be really glad to get your comments below. Keep following the blog for the next updates and Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to White Christmas

  1. I love Blanc de Chanel and just received a bottle today

  2. avibrantday says:

    These found fantastic! I’m particularly interested in the Blanc de Chanel and the Diorskin Poudre Libre. Thanks for your great his-and-her lists. :o)

  3. Alessia says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it Jacqueline. The Blanc de Chanel is my favorite primer: it really improves the skin and I even bought a bottle for my mum, to let her try the magic. The loose powder from Dior is instead something I didn’t expect to enjoy so much, as I’m not a ‘powder-girl’ at all, but it’s nice: it mattifies and gives a sophisticated look. I wouldn’t suggest it everyday, but It’s beautiful for anche evening make up or whenever we’re taking pictures for the blog 😉 cheers!

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