Luxury presents for him

Let’s make the case you’re in love with a demanding man. A truly demanding man. Well… One of the most demanding men you’ve ever met in your whole life. Or better, the most demanding man you’ve ever met in your whole life. What would you buy him for Christmas?

Can you imagine his eyes while inspecting yet not looking at the steel with which the razor you purchased as a present, has been produced, or telling you one by one the flowers which compose the fragrance you bought for him, or trying the consistency of the after shave balm on the back of his hand, while noticing all the details of the package you made to tell you the story behind wrapping papers or why a certain hue of brown or whatever color matches an other?

Luxury for him is not a matter of price. Is not a matter of brand. Is not a matter of showing off to the other people. It has to do with excellent quality, ergonomic design, exclusivity, uniqueness, care for the details, talented craftsmanship, limited editions, history and emotions. It’s the passion of the tailors who made his suits. It’s the exquisite taste of the perfumiers who made his fragrance. It’s the long awarded history of the family who invented and brought to life the watch at his arm.

Acqua di Parma shaving accessories and beauty line offers a balance between slow shaving rituals at the barbers’ shops and the precision and charm, typically out of time, of steel. The collection features next to shaving brush and razor, a complete set of luxury beauty products. Probably the richest available on the market. It’s composed of an oil to prepare the skin to shaving, of the typical cream-to-soap to be worked with the brush, the shaving cream, a shaving gel, an after shave calming balm, a moisturizer, an exfoliator and an eye cream. Simply Marvelous! (yes, capital letters)

If in your country it’s a bit tricky to find this brand, or you may want to save a little of your budget to add something else to the present, have a look at the range of products for him by Crabtree & Evelyn. There’s something for everyone and every pocket. The most special item to me is the Moroccan Myrrh Shave Soap in wooden bowl. It has an intriguing and exotic fragrance, the formula is really rich, the packaging offers a practical solution to all those who travel a lot and in the end this product makes an experience that gentlemen across all ages can enjoy.

Coming to a more lifestyle hand, two other luxurious experiences you can transform into a gift to your demanding man are a good cup of tea and the magic of a special candle. Why so? Because both of them can be shared with you. 😉

With more than 400 years of story behind, Damman Frères offers a pleasure to all your senses. Its Christmas boxes with original compositions of teas, natural scents, flowers, fruits are to me one of the seasons’ must-buy. Every year. Teas are available as loose dried leaves and into organza fine bags. The metal boxes can be re-used to store other infusions or teas. The collection of accessories is also well equipped and offers high quality pieces.

As regards scented candles, if you don’t want something from a perfumery brand, and your demanding man loves more pure smells rather than chemical mixes, browse into the collection of Esteban Paris. Of course the brand is French and the reason why I love their products, both candles and fragrances for the house is that they’re long lasting, available into elegant but minimal packaging and everyone who received something from their range was so happy and enthusiast of the present. The Esteban candles are made from 100% vegetable wax, with a pure cotton wick, so no chemicals are released in the air. They’re so chic into their opaque glass! And lighting one in the bedroom or bathroom is such a pleasure! Oh, pardon, such a Pleasure!

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3 Responses to Luxury presents for him

  1. Lovely picks I must say !

    • Alessia says:

      Thank you! I tried to sum up only beautiful things I tried myself and thought anybody else would enjoy. It has been a tough business, as we all have everything already 😀

  2. 😳😳 not everything 😂😂

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