All that glitters

All that glitters

All that glitters‘ is probably one of the best-selling eye shadows from Mac. And probably also one of the very few, if not the only one, to run low in our palettes. It’s a shimmery champagne-y pink, that looks absolutely great on the eyelids, whenever you’re attending a party, as well as in summer, with just one coat of mascara and nothing else.

In this Christmas vibe, I’m wearing it almost everyday, as an eye base, because it adds light to my face, helps my green eyes pop out and matches perfectly with bold red lips.

Whenever you’re wearing a red lipstick in daytime, smokey eyes can be in fact too ‘heavy’. And colors, to me are a ‘No-No’. So what’s the best choice? Go neutral. Less is more. Always. And ‘All that glitters’, with its soft golden reflections, is not invasive like a truly and strong golden-yellow-y eye shadow, but is more festive than a dull matte beige, white or pink.

What’s the best red to apply now on the lips? Check my winter essentials 2014.


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3 Responses to All that glitters

  1. janandjot says:

    I love my All That Glitters eyeshadow! It was my first MAC product and forever my favorite 🙂 Janet

    • Alessia says:

      Hi Janet, I had an eyeshadow too, as my first Mac addiction, it was Nylon and I used to wear it only on special occasions. But All That Glitters has something more ‘everyday’ I think…

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