Chic and cheap gift ideas

Chic and cheap gift ideas

If you’re keeping up with the blogosphere, you’ll have seen that the rush to Christmas presents and gift ideas has already started from a while.

Here in Italy, we celebrate different Christian Saints, according to the different locations and there can be regions were people receive their presents before Christmas and even after. It’s a bit weird, but nice at the same time, to get in touch with such cultural and social variety.

And talking about variety, I’d like to split the topic ‘Christmas presents’ into three parts this year: low-budget presents for him and her, luxury presents for her, luxury presents for him. I won’t be covering anything I haven’t bought, tested, seen with my eyes, because I think it wouldn’t be serious. I don’t blame anyone for posting virtual guides to the Christmas presents, but this is just a choice I personally don’t like and don’t want to take.

Why him and her together for the low-budget? Because I’ve been ‘lucky’ to find items which both male and female could enjoy. But perhaps this is just a case. I think.

I’ll skip the obvious category DIY items as well as all the things you can purchase on Etsy.

So, what’s in my selection?

First of all a touch of color, emotion, craftsmanship, tradition, Italian style with Cruciani’s lace bracelets. There’s one for every purse, mood, taste. Those I purchased are not seasonally themed, but you’ll be able to find snowflakes, stars, Christmas decorations, etc. What I like, beyond the width of the range in colors and shape, is the fact they’re evergreen and wearable by almost anyone. And they bring a touch of good luck and happiness to anyone’s wrist.

foto(4)A present to please your friend who’s a blog? Think about a notebook! A blogger is first of all a person who loves to write, take notes, collect thoughts in a written format. But I think everyone could enjoy a good quality notebook.

I love those with hard cover and blank pages and regarding brands, I’m a sucker for Moleskine. If you want something special, besides the traditional travel notebooks, or the basic collection, there are so many limited editions! If you fancy about the notebook with the flowery cover in this picture, it’s not a Moleskine, but it comes from Beijing and is an unbranded item. I bought it from one of the many paper shops in town. Browse a little bit both online and in your local markets or shops and you’ll find hidden gems.

Want one more suggestion?

Write some pages or notes for the person you’re giving. Quotations, thoughts, a short message. It doesn’t need to be smart, original and inspiring at any cost. It’s your trace that counts. And merry Christmas shopping!

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4 Responses to Chic and cheap gift ideas

  1. I loved my Cruciani bracelets! I used to wear them all the time when I was younger! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. avibrantday says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to see your gift guides (classy and chic for sure!). I agree. Moleskin journals with an inscription by the giver is such a thoughtful gift. Looking forward to more.

  3. janandjot says:

    I love my Moleskin journals and always give one to my son in his stocking. Writing down one’s thoughts or drawing a picture is so much fun and hope to pass down the tradition of always carrying a notebook down to my son. I just went to Italy this past summer and so mad at myself for not picking up a Cruciani bracelet. They look so pretty! xoxox Janet

    • Alessia says:

      Ah lovely, it’s always nice to hear about people who love to write. I don’t know if this passion can be passed on to children, as nobody in my family loved to write, while I do, and I’ve always been liking it, since childhood. Cruciani has also got an e-commerce. You could check if they ship in your country perhaps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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