New and loved blush

new and loved blush

According to my blog archives, over the past three years I’ve been purchasing and re-purchasing cold-rose blushers from French brands only. Odd, isn’t it? To be honest, in my country brands such as Hourglass, Tarte, Bobby Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, Kevin Aucoin are very tricky to find. And usually you shop the most what you can find at the beauty counter or shop keepers recommend you.

Don’t count me among the lovers of coral blushers, because my natural skin tone tends more to a porcelain white, rather than the usual Mediterranean amber-golden. But if you’ve been hyping Benefit Coralista and Mac Melba, and you’re fair-toned, you’ll reasonably understand my recent passion for Mac Cheeky Bugger from the limited edition collection the brand developed in partnership with Kelly Osbourne.

First of all it has a powder texture and a very basic packaging (too basic for my standards) because it’s not provided with sponges, brushes or mirror and the plastic is quite cheap. The blush cake is soft, smooth, and highly pigmented. Once on the skin, it’s lively and vibrant. Don’t apply too much if you want to skip the ‘look-like-a-doll’ effect.

A big plus is the lasting property: it’s very much long lasting!

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4 Responses to New and loved blush

  1. I never tried any MaC blushes .. But it’s on my list

  2. Alessia says:

    this one is particularly soft and pigmented. I think it’s becoming a trend of the segment, as Nars, Hourglass and many others have been launching this particular kind of formula. I can’t assure you the quality of the whole range, but as far as I know, this one is a good product.

  3. avibrantday says:

    Very pretty! I ordered a lip stick pencil from Sharon Osborne’s limited edition collection that was out at the same time as Kelly’s. It’s honestly one of my favorite nude lips ever. They kill us with these limited edition gems. :o)

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