Make preparations for Christmas


Holidays soirées begin to clutter our calendars. And we all can’t help but dream of ‘perfect complexion’, which means a fresh and radiant looking face, the mythical ‘bonne mine’ and a long series of ‘No’: no blemishes, no wrinkles, no lines, no dark spots, no dry patches. You may find it odd that you still break out, although it’s winter and your teenage is far (very far) away…

So how to make the right preparations for a perfect complexion during Christmas eve?

First – Give yourself a good sleep. You can apply ten layers of make-up, but if you haven’t slept the night before, or even worse, you’ve slept bad the weeks before, your skin will look dull, grey and prove evidence of your tiredness.

Second – Hydrate from within. I don’t mean only water. Hydration involves fatty acids, proteins and vitamins. The magical molecules our skin is made of and which should never miss in our diet: eat dried fruits, such as almonds, nuts, berries, Goji berries, for instance. And whenever you can, use olive oil instead of whatever other dressing. I’m not a doctor, but all this is pretty simple and effective.

Third – Gently exfoliate. Chemically. Nowadays you can find super smart products that work in just one minute. And if you haven’t got a minute, you haven’t got a life. One of these is REN Flash Rinse 1 minute facial. Awesome exfoliator, not to be used everyday, but believe me, it’s gentle even on sensitive skin.

Forth – Invest on serums rather than night creams. A good preparation is the first step to success, right? So why shouldn’t you prepare your skin to the treatments you apply next and/or to make up?! To boost brightness, First Aid Beauty launched Facial Radiance Serum.

Fifth – Strengthen your skin. Through a peeling treatment. I’ve recently completed mine with big satisfaction and I’m now asking me why did I skip this step for such a long time, being frightened by the possible side effects. To do a peel treatment at home, you can try Dennis Gross 14 Day Challenge Kit. It’s so compact and comfortable, you may even enjoy it out of home or when traveling.

Sixth – Use a wise make up. Highlighters, concealers, primers, moisturizing foundations. The beauty industry has been launching a wealth of make-up products you can use to look at your very best on a special occasion. I’m not a big supporter of primers. But if you’re going to be filmed and/or flashed a lot during Christmas parties, Le Blanc de Chanel could be a good choice. It mattifies, reduces the size of pores, hydrates.

Last, but not least, bring your cheerfullest smile with you.


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Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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2 Responses to Make preparations for Christmas

  1. avibrantday says:

    Bravo! Great post! I still have the Ren exfoliator on my Sephora Loves list. It’ll make it into my basket soon! Are you enjoying the First Aid Beauty serum over previous serums you’ve used?

  2. Alessia says:

    Hi Jacqueline, I’ll be talking about serums very soon, as I used a couple of wonderful products, somebody else will surely enjoy. And I’m sure you’ll find the post very funny too. This one in particular helps to reduce or prevent dark spots. I had some little marks of previous breakouts and this serum together with exfoliator and acids improved my complexion a lot. It really depends on your particular needs: hydration, reduction of lines, spots, etc….Have a nice weekend start!

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