The other Tahiti

The other Tahiti

Forget all you know about Tahiti and French Polynesia.

Forget the French speaking natives, the palm-fringed beaches, the white sand, the turquoise lagoons, the coral reefs, the luxury resorts, and the paradise islands where everyone would like to spend the honeymoon.

Forget about stereotypes.

And imagine the wild, true nature of the most remote islands of the world, where you can really get to chance to see Melville’s whales, black pearls, rugged mountain peaks, caves, rivers, waterfalls, hidden natural beauties among fortresses and holy buildings. Places where time really appears to be a convention. Relatively unknown islands, with traditional working villages that have just open the doors to newcomers, where people still spend their days fishing, swimming, farming and bringing their produce to the local markets. Where there’s nothing else than locally grown food and locally made objects. Simple habits, slow jobs, smiling people. Away from the mass tourism and the mainstream infrastructures. Away from what you can buy as a package at the office of a tour operator. Because there are places, where you can experience just the silence of nature, broken by the sound of waves. You can sleep in cheap family-run pensions, with up to three rooms. You can taste tropical fruit and fish, you can treat your hair and skin with just coconut oil or coconut water. That’s the real charm.

I’ve been so lucky to be invited to a workshop organized by Tahiti Tourisme, where all this beauty was evoked. My task and pleasure has been to propose a strategy and concept for a social media campaign to promote this richness. Supporting the Australi and Gambier islands to attract the people and keep their beauty alive.

At #exploretahiti, we were grouped according to the different archipelagos and we worked together in 4 teams. Mine proposed the winning strategy about the alternative side of Tahiti: what you don’t necessarily expect, what you can really discover there for the first time and only with your eyes and senses. We designed a full execution of the campaign, which we will probably see in action next year. I hope it will become reality. So please, fingers crossed!

But in the meanwhile, we were awarded with a beautiful black pearl and a bottle of monoi oil, because our concept and campaign were judged the best. The most appropriate gift for a beauty lover like me, isn’t it? Ah, I’m still dreaming of the location…please don’t wake me up too soon….

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6 Responses to The other Tahiti

  1. This little flower smells like Heaven! 😁A warm sunny Heaven I would gladly run to with this cold here! 😩😔❄️⛄️

  2. Alessia says:

    I think we would meet there ! Considering how grey and cloudy-rainy the weather is in Milano this month 😉

  3. avibrantday says:

    Wow, what a fantastic opportunity! I hope we’ll here more about it as the campaign develops! :0) It really is a fantastic angle.

    • Alessia says:

      Hi Jacqueline, have you been there? I haven’t (for the moment), so I can just try to figure out how locals may feel under the pressure of massive tourism. I hope too the concept will be put into execution next year, because it would give voice to the real soul of the location. It’s something you can adapt to whatever place, but those so far away are just a beautiful postcard and nothing else. Sadly. Thanks for leaving me a comment. 🙂

      • avibrantday says:

        I haven’t been. I like the honesty behind this campaign. You’re representing the cultural richness of the local rather than playing up the tourist’s dream. :o)
        Do you think you’ll get to go?

  4. Alessia says:

    Taking off from Europe it’s a 23 hours trip and most of the times your luggage is even lost: a very discomforting premise I know, but yet, I’m very curious to get lost and inspired by the enchanted places that changed the life and art production of Paul Gauguin. Maybe not next year… 😉

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