Mani Monday #3

Mani_Monday_3For the third issue of the ‘Mani Monday’ on my Chicfirst, I’ve been thinking about something a little more special. Since the last edit on this topic wasn’t very wintery, this time, you’ll get some more seasonal inspirations. You know, Christmas Eve’s celebrations are getting nearer and nearer and we all want to look glamorous when drinking our glass of champagne to welcome the New Year.

Or perhaps these nail polishes could become the perfect present to a nail-queen friend, colleague, or sister.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail enamel range will be the most innovative and unusual way to experience nail polishes. All the shades are vibrant and shiny, but this happens with any other similar brand nowadays….What makes this product really unique in its kind is the fact the formula hasn’t the got the usual nail polish scent, but is enriched with fruity, spicy, sweet, soapy, vegetable fragrances. Unluckily it’s quite difficult to find all the shades here in Europe, so among the few shoppable ones, my eyes fell on #Espresso and #Ginger Melon. Despite of the name, #espresso is not a medium brown, but a very classic, dark, mysterious and total black, #ginger melon is a vibrant, pinkish-coralish-red. They’re both easy to apply, dry quickly to a nice and shiny finish. My only remark is the fact they need at least three coats, not too look streaky, but the scents are pleasant and not invasive. On me they lasted four days, but I’m typing all day long. And sometimes even at night, to update the blog. I think some of you know really well what I’m talking about, right?

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