Silver wings

Can comfy shoes be also glamorous? Hamletic doubt. If I had to answer this question one year ago, it would have been a big ‘No’. So, no doubt at all. But if you asked me now, I’d be a little puzzled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still convinced about the irresistible power of stilettos, Louboutin’s pumps, open toes and the like. What changed in the meanwhile is my perspective on some flats. Here again, a little disclaimer: some, flats. Not all flats. And probably this is due to my last pair of  silver Bagatt high-tops.

I call them ‘the disco-shoes’ for their laminated, high-reflecting surface, and the decoration of sequins on the sides, which make them perfect for an evening outfit as well. Here you see them paired with a blue bag from Coccinelle and very minimal black leggins, under a black jacket.

If you dare to wear them, you’ll feel like you’ve silver wings at your feet.

About Alessia

Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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5 Responses to Silver wings

  1. avibrantday says:

    Love your disco shoes! They look great on you :o)

  2. Lovely fun shoes !!! You look so different from your profile picture !! You cut your hair !!!!??

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