For Espresso lovers only

Ah, the perfume of fresh made espresso! If you have ever had the chance/luck to live in Italy for a while, you’ll know how our houses smell of espresso in the morning. No matter of the region, or the status of the district you may live, it’s the most common smell with which we Italians wake up. And when you lock the door of your flat and you’re ready to get downstairs and face a new day, this smell says you ‘Good morning’ or ‘Have a nice day’ in one of the ways ever. One of. Not the best one, as depending on your habits and taste, there can be better breakfast to enjoy.

But as you probably have understood, espresso is to me a wonderful source of inspiration, rather than ‘simply’ a beverage. And I’m not the only one, considering that Mac entitled an eye shadow ‘espresso‘ for instance. Now, considering that the espresso I drink is lighter than this mat (though beautiful) eye shadow, I mixed it with a touch of soft brown, to have the right shadow. If you’re wondering, no, I don’t add milk, cream nor sugar. I like to drink my espresso bitter and ‘dark’.

Getting back to the ‘espresso lovers only’ make up, I completed the look with a classic black eye liner, black mascara and just a touch of Dior Addict lipstick #551.

Personally I love the contrast this quite natural look makes with a white sweater or pullover. If you haven’t anything so fair in your wardrobe, you’d better shop for something. This is one of the most elegant colors you can wear and definitely the best to add radiance to your skin.


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Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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4 Responses to For Espresso lovers only

  1. avibrantday says:

    Beautiful. I love your description of espresso and Italian homes as well. :0)

  2. Nothing compares to an Italian Espresso! 👌😊xx

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