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anti blemish

Our complexion type doesn’t stay the same all life long. We all can experience unexpected dryness, oiliness, spottiness, sensitivity. And sometimes even the four together. In the times we’re now it, a perfect complexion seems to be a blessing, rather than a frequent condition. To reduce the episodes of unwanted blemishes, the right beauty products can help a lot. I tried to sum up in different categories what I tested and liked.

Cleanser – Lutsine Bactopur Gel Cleanser this is a pharmacy product and in my experience it is more suitable in case of heavy oiliness. Although delicate, and not foamy, it cleanses very deeply, so you will need a good water spray or lotion afterwards + serum + moisturizer.

Exfoliant – The Body Shop Aloe Gentle ExfoliatorA short premise, I’m not a great lover of mechanical exfoliators and I prefer the chemical ones. So why is this product here? Because I like its tiny particles: it leaves skin clean and doesn’t irritate.

Primer-pore mimizer- The Body Shop Tea tree pore minimizerAs a make up base, this serum can be applied under moisturizers or similar treatments. It matifies and reduces the appearance of pores. Is it a primer? Is it a filler? I wouldn’t be constant with similar products, because I guess they fill pores with chemicals, to leave a smooth and perfect ground, so don’t use too much of it and most of all, not too frequently.

Moisturizer – The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion I would recommend this version, rather than the skin clearing lotion belonging to the same line, because the night lotion moisturizes more and better. It gave me that little ‘twist’ I wanted, and it improved my complexion a lot.

Make up remover – Be gentle to your skin, when erasing your make up. A high-quality micelle water, such as Bioderma, in the formula for sensitive skin is the best option you may purchase if you don’t want to increase the redness and frequency of spots.

I know the list will be updated soon, so expect a new anti-blemish post in a while.

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6 Responses to Chic anti-blemish

  1. The tea tree works wonder on my breakouts too! And I also prefer the Body Shop one too! Lots of xx lovely and have a great day! 😊

    • Alessia says:

      Thank you Annie. This weekend I’m preparing a little ‘magic potion’ to prevent breakouts, I’ll let you know what’s all about through the blog. Little witchcraft experiments running… πŸ˜‰

  2. This sounds great! Thank you for sharing! ~xo, Carina ❀

    • Alessia says:

      Hello Carina and thanks a lot for stopping by. Actually as I wrote, this is just a selection of the moment, and I’m pretty sure it will be updated soon, as I tend to try anti-blemish products quite often. Do you have any recommendations on this topic? Anything you like, or used? cheers!

      • To be honest lately I`ve been using honey mixed with propolis because honey is natures` own antibiotic and propolis is antibacterial, and antiinflammatory. This mix calms and reduces my blemishes and it also leaves my face really soft! Hope it helps ^_^

  3. Alessia says:

    Thank you! I discovered the wonders of honey too and it’s magical! πŸ™‚

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