Autumn body essentials

autumn body

Now let’s talk about shower, bath and the like in the season we’re in at the moment. I’m a great fan of candles and scented candles in particular, as well as I love to have a bath. I wouldn’t say I prefer bath over shower, because it depends on the available time, the mood of the day and also on the heat outside…what I can assure, is that to me baths are relaxing moments and disappearing into a rich, perfumed, hot foam, with a candle burning on the shelf and a playlist I like filling the room is among my favorite self-pampering rituals in fall-winter times.

Without spending million euros, you can now retrieve a lot of affordable treats for the bath or the shower. Maison du Monde, for instance, has it own collection of candles, which you can purchase in different colors, scents and sizes. When you need a little new thing to your bathroom, or an easy present, candles are great!

Coming to the body care products instead, what I cannot miss, after a bath or shower is a nourishing and perfumed cream to massage from head to toes. My skin is delicate and tends to dryness quite easily, this is why I cannot forget oils, butters, lotions. Here again the choice is pretty wide, and personal. It’s all about you and your preferences…

At the moment I’m loving:

Sephora Nourishing Body Butter in the scent Vanilla – which although a bit strong, won’t make you smell like a drugstore’s aisle. It’s without parabens and promises to de-stress the senses. The formula is nourishing, yet light to weight, which means you haven’t got to massage for hours to let it absorb and you can get dressed quickly aftewards. If vanilla is not your favorite scent in the world, you will be able to choose among many other options. I prefer this for a daily use, after the gym, because I have the impression my body needs extra care, and a butter is best option in fall-winter.

Lancome La Vie est belle – this is instead the choice I make on special occasions, because the scent is more complex and sophisticated. ‘Life is beautiful’ declares an extremely positive mindset and feeling, don’t you agree? I wear the perfume quite often in autumn, don’t worry, a more detailed post on the topic is in preparation 😉 The body lotion is a good way to complete the fragrance and personally I think it stays even longer on the skin. Reasons to love it? Because it caresses your body with a floral but persistent touch of iris and patchouli and because it adds a little more elegance to both your nights and days. Is it enough?

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2 Responses to Autumn body essentials

  1. avibrantday says:

    Oooh. I need to try the Sephora body butter. Thanks for giving it the thumbs up and bringing it to my awareness :o) Your description of the Lancome scent is beautiful!

    • Alessia says:

      Hi Jacqueline, if you like the scent of vanilla, then, you’ll enjoy this one. Regarding Lancome, I’m in love with most of their fragrances and La vie est belle is a truly chic flowery bouquet. I’m so happy you liked the description. Thanks! 😀

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