Mani Monday #1


It’s a beauty bloggers’ typical ritual, to start a new week with a nail care post. It comes about with the label of ‘Mani Monday’ and it’s the moment when we show off our new nail polishes or magical potions to keep hands in perfect shape. And we explore the funniest nail arts, we mix and match colors, we recommend product to reproduce a nail spa experience. Don’t worry, it’s a female craziness/habit.

Having been so long and so much disappointed by my purchases in this segment, I’m very cautious about new brands, whenever I take care of my nails at home. During one of my last drugstore hauls, I spotted out a kinda weird packaging, which literally won my attention. It’s the Infallible Nail from L’Oréal: a two step nail polish, which offers color and top coat in just one product. The transparent liquid, which you see at the right side of the picture above, is in fact an almost jelly final treatment you can apply at the end of the manicure, to let it last longer and have a particular shine. The company advertises this product as a 12-days nail polish, but on me it lasted untouched only for 4 days. I must admit I usually cook and type a lot during the week, but I guess we all nowadays cook and type a lot, unless these polishes are made up for rock stars only, who lay on the sofa all day long and wake up just to rehearse or to try out something from the wardrobe…

I chose the shade #Always a lady, which is a sexy and classic deep red. It applies well and if you’re used at doing your manicure at home, with one coat you’ll see no patchiness. I painted mine with two coats and enjoyed the coverage really much.

The packaging is not fixed, so you can separate the two little bottles one from each other and bring them with you for eventual retouches.

As regards pricing, it’s very convenient, especially if you’re running a test. I’d certainly buy one or two more shades: like the fucsia pink, or their very elegant grey.

Have you tried this product? What do you think?

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4 Responses to Mani Monday #1

  1. You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous red! 😉 xx

  2. Alessia says:

    Hi Annie, you’re right, although I enjoy colorful manicure, there’s something classic that always brings me back to red and nude polishes.

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