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just blushingSome time ago, the lovely Annie from Annie’s beauty blog tagged me to share my collection of blushers on Instagram. I liked the tag and posted the picture above, where you can see some of my most loved items, but then struggled to find some time to do a post about this topic on Chicfirst. But perhaps some of you may be interested in finding recommendations about new blushers to try….

So let’s start with a couple of premises about my personal taste and feeling with this particular product. If I had to choose between pink and coral/orange blush, I’d select for sure the first, which I find more natural and chic on my super-pale complexion. Talking about textures, I tend to prefer powder products to creamy ones. Though nowadays you can purchase wonderful creamy blushers, I still enjoy powders the most, because they fade better into the skin and are easier to blend and eventually mix for a more professional sculpting. As regards the application, I use a Real Techniques brush and start with a tiny amount on the cheekbones, working it well with circular motions of the brush upwards and downwards. Since I’m very thin I don’t need any particular contouring and I must avoid applying dark shades into the hollows of the cheeks.

Coming to the products more in detail, I’d split the description between the two creamy blushers I have and the rest.

The creamy are:

Shiseido The Make Up Accentuating Color Stick Blush in the shade #2 – This product has been discontinued and is probably on sale only through ebay or similar online shops. But it has been my most loved product among the creamy blushers for ages. Its compact packaging make it ideal for on the go make-up or re-touches during the day, as well as for a travel-sized bag. The color #2 is a peachy pink and the formula is highly blendable and very easy to build.

Make up Forever HD Blush – Extremely portable, this blush is probably the most compact I’ve ever had and apart from the wonderful packaging, it delivers high quality. It looks like a cream but behaves like a powder, because you don’t need extra effort/time to blend it well. It’s available in a wide range of colors and stays untouched for hours and hours.

The powder blushes instead are:

Revlon Powder Blush in the shades #008 Racy Rose and #006 Naughty Nude – To be honest, I’m not a drugstore-makeup-girl, as I tend to buy high end products and prefer to invest my beauty budget on fewer but performing products. Nevertheless, on my beauty shelf you’ll be able to find budget-saving goods as well and among them, these blushes are two gems. The Racy Rose is more pigmented and probably better in the evening or in summer, while the other looks very natural on me on an everyday base.

Dior Blush in the shade #876 Happy Cherry – This is my favorite among the powdery textures, because it’s in the most natural shade I can wear and it looks perfect all year long, no matter what kind of outfit or make up I’m wearing. It comes equipped with a flat, angled brush you can use to create contrasts / contouring and in the usual luxurious packaging. Apart from the fascination linked to the brand, which is strong and obvious, it’s a truly beautiful product, any chic lady cannot miss in her bag.

I wish you all a nice week, and keep blushing!

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