Eyes wide open

Eyes wide open

Being naturally equipped with doe eyes, if I had to think about a makeup product, it would be for sure something about eyes. I can dare to wear no foundation, no blush, a nude lipstick, or almost nothing on the lips apart a little balm, but I would never forget at least one coat of mascara and a touch of pencil all along the lash line. As well as I would never consider my skincare routine complete without a few drops of eye cream. And it has always been the same, as far as I can remember.

This particular passion or ‘care’ brought me to test thousands of products over the years. From the extra cheap extra-transfer powder eye shadows, which dust all over your cheekbones at the end of the day, to the luxury serums that cost you as much as an entire monthly budget for beauty.

According to my personal demands, this is my actual top list of products to keep my doe eyes beautiful in autumn:

Eye serum – Shiseido Benefiance Nutriperfect Eye Serum Conceived for mature skin, rather than for youngsters,  this serum quenches the demands of the driest and most delicate complexions. It’s rich, yet not greasy and extremely soft. You can do your make up afterwards without that bad oily/tacky sensation and your eye area will feel very comfortable and nourished all day long. Awesome product!

Concealer / highlighter – Yves Saint Laurent touche éctat This is an authentic secret weapon! I never use it as a base, but at the end of my makeup, as the last step, to create bright spots and erase lines, stains, marks. It looks like a pen, but acts like a concealer and highlighter at the same time, to brighten the skin, not only in the under eye area, but whenever you may need extra light.

Eye brows – Benefit Gimme Brows Having done my brows for ages with a pencil, I must admit I’m a total newbie to brows mascaras and fluid textures. I’ve been suggested this product in Paris, at a Sephora shop and though a bit uncertain at the beginning, I’m very satisfied with it now. It keeps my brows in place and leaves them natural-looking.

Eye pencil – Chanel Le crayon khol Coming to eye pencils, a must have for this season is to me an intense black super soft khol, to blend very softly in order to create a truly wintery smokey eye, or to use with a very sharpen tip, all along the upper and lower lash line, for a more feline look. I find all this in the Chanel khol. I tested some other brands too, but this black is to me near to perfection. (Okay, I said ‘near’, in the sense that there’s no limit to improvement, right Mr Grey?).

Eye shadow – Kiko Color Sphere Eyeshadow For a more intense result, on an evening look, for instance, your black eye pencil should be matched with a black eyeshadow. What? Black? On the eyes? But what if you didn’t like mat blacks? Don’t worry, there are beautiful pearly colors available and from affordable brands too. Which is good to know, if you want to test black eye shadow for the first time, or you haven’t got a big budget to invest

Mascara – Diorshow Anyone of us has got her own ‘ideas’ regarding mascara. This one doesn’t pack my lashes, this one is wonderful if you sweat, swim, cry, that one works well on short, thin lashes, and so on and so on…If you’re curious about my personal demands, I have super delicate eyes, long and ‘heavy’ to lift or curl lashes and I prefer black mascaras to the colorful ones. My love brand when it comes to black mascara is Dior and although I tend to buy other products too, I’m always equipped with a Diorshow, either at home or in my hand bag.

Faithfulness can be even seductive. Sometimes.

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