From dawn till dusk


Craving for an eye shadows palette which can look gorgeous for both morning and evening make up? In our over-crowded daily lives, there’s often no time to get back home, have a shower, change clothes and make up before dining out or having an after-office drink.  As well as there is no space and will to completely change our look, with a totally different palette. For this reason, a good combination of naturals can be the best option to add that little extra when starting to work, without looking as a Moulin Rouge star. As well as to look pretty and not shabby when sipping your Spritz.

As promised, here you get an other wonderful pick from my recent trip to Paris. The palette has the magical signature of Dior and belongs to the world-famous 5 couleurs and is the ‘Designer’ version in the shade #708 Amber Design.


Let’s start from the packaging. It comes protected by the usual black velvety pochette and with a mini flyer showing the best way to use all the five shades together.

The case is made of premium quality plastics, meaning it won’t get dirty soon and it will protect the content, if you pack it into your suitcase or bag.

dior 5 layer

The concept of the palette is perfect for a dawn to dusk make up, as it was created to allow a layering technique. So a little less as you wake up, to add more during the day.

Coming more in detail to the description of the shades…the 5 couleur Designer palette in the combination Amber design 708 is organized as it follows:

1.Base (light), 2. Color (iridescent), 3. Shade (satin), 4. Shine (pearlescent) and 5. Liner (matte). These 5 shadows represent the essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks.

dior 5

Coming to the finish of the eye shadows, those at the left side of the case are a little sparkling and very glamorous, the darkest shade, the peachy-pink at the top right is very sparkling and the one in the middle is a hot, bright champagne-orange tone.

The darkest has a creamy consistency and can be used as an eyeliner, along the lash line.

I think they’re among the best colors to emphasize green eyes.

And by the way, you can use it not only in autumn, for its hot, but natural looking nude-brown shades, but all year long, whenever you’re in a chic mood.

I’m looking forward to play more with it!

Just a commercial tip: if you’re willing to purchase this, you’d better check it at the airport duty free, where it’s available with a nice discounted price. Better to shop it at the airport, rather then in town.

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6 Responses to From dawn till dusk

  1. avibrantday says:

    That’s a good tip. I didn’t know you could get a better price at the airport. This is a beautiful set!

    • Alessia says:

      Hi Jacqueline, I hope things are going well. I had more than 10 euros of discount at the airport and whenever we buy things that have been imported from abroad, this is a sort of golden rule, as they’re basically ‘tax free’ and/or supplied at more convenient prices. It was a bit difficult though to select just one, as the collection is so wide and all beautiful! A big hug.

      • avibrantday says:

        Wow. Ten euro discount is big! I know what you mean about difficulty selecting from these palettes! Before making it to CT at Selfridges, I was drawn into the Dior section and drooled over these 5 Colures. You selected well, though. Xo :0)

  2. Maria B says:

    Adding the creamy eyeliner one was a brilliant idea! You have one less product to pack your purse with 😀

  3. Alessia says:

    Hi Maria, nice to see you around 😉 Yes, the creamy eyeliner is a gem! Also because with naturals on a pale skin, with green eyes it’s very easy to get a washed-out effect. And then you’ve some space left to bring something else with you, you really right! cheers

  4. Alessia says:

    Oh, thanks Jacqueline, I tried to think a little bit more about what I can wear and use more, rather than on the cool color according to the trend of the moment, or to what you find beautiful in the case, but not necessarily on yourself…from CT, I would pick up the ‘Uptown girl’ set, have you tried it perhaps?

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