Chic delicate shampoo

chic delicate shampoo

Trying to find out gentle shampoos that really keep the promise has been almost a mission in the last months. Having straight, thin hair and a super-delicate scalp, most of the foamy, too soapy formulas for frequent hair-wash available on the market tend to irritate and de-hydrate all the same. As well as most of the oily ‘shampoos’ either leave a sort of greasy feeling at the end or give me the impression of not being clean. It’s a totally personal sensation, I know, but if I’m sold a shampoo for sensitive skin, I want that, not an oil. Odd thought. I know.

Coming to my selection more in detail, I tried to check both composition, feeling and price.

So after a couple of months of trials and exchanges of impressions with a friend, this selection is what I came up with:

Aboca Bio Keraclin Shampoo Rivitalizzante Aboca is an Italian brand who specializes into organic supplements and natural beauty products. They also have a wonderful corporate museum and are an interesting company. Available mostly at the pharmacies, and I think only in Italy, this shampoo has a peppermint scent, thanks to the essential oil present among the ingredients and really respects the delicate skin, while leaving a fresh sensation.

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture ShampooProbably the cheapest here. Which doesn’t mean poor quality!It cleanses well, moisturizes and let your hair shine. To be honest, mine don’t need any particular added gloss, but surely, they demand hydration and this gives them exactly what they need.

Wella Professionals Care Balance Calm Sensitive Shampoo – Having tried their mask, which is amazing, I got curious about this product. For the moment I used it just once, but inches up: it’s a yes yes.

Fekkai RX Reparative ShampooThis is one of my favorite shampoos ever. I know it’s a bit pricey, but I couldn’t exclude it from the list, because it doesn’t irritate the scalp, it has a wonderful scent and feeling and it can be a very lovely self-pampering product.

Kérastase Bain Vital Dermo Shampoo Among my products of the month for September, this can calm a little itchiness, without being a medicament. I discovered it at a famous hair salon in Milano and since then, I never stopped loving it. It’s on the more pricey side, if you’re wondering about it, but it’s worth the effort.

Have you tried any of them?

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3 Responses to Chic delicate shampoo

  1. I struggle to find the perfect shampoo / conditioner combo as well. My hair goes limp within hours of washing & drying with some shampoos. Right now I’m using it’s a 10 products. Thanks for your review I’ll have to keep these in mine.

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