Chic Paris buys

My love relationship with Paris is a well documented one. As well as my love relationship with the brands Make up Forever and Bioderma. During my last holidays in Paris it has then been impossible not to buy anything from them and get back home with a few treasures in my chest. And as they’re all lovely and highly recommended products, I thought about sharing  with you a few thoughts about my chic French buys.

First up, as the best way to approach whatever product is through a travel set, a mini size, a sample, if you happen to visit a Sephora point of sale soon, I’d suggest checking if they have a mini size of the Make Up Forever HD Microfinish powder. This is a worldwide award-winning product, but if you don’t trust industry-recognized goods before having tried them on you, the small package will help you save some money and have a more sustainable impact. Personally, I don’t wear powder that often. No matter if loose or pressed, but I recognize the help/importance of a universal product you can easily carry in your bag or suitcase. The Make Up Forever HD Microfinish powder is very good at mattifying without drying too much, it’s talc free and having no color, is perfect on all complexion tones. Look at the picture! Isn’t the packaging awesome?!

Bioderma H2O Sensibio Micellar Solution is an other treasure which has been stolen to the catwalks and is very much appreciated in the fashion-beauty environment. The good news is that in France they have huge packaging at a very affordable pricing (2×1), meaning that if you plan a trip to Paris, you’d better leave some space in the suitcase. Caution! It’s not a cleanser, but a gentle make up remover. So what? Don’t replace your usual cleanser with this. You can apply Bioderma Micellar Solution to wipe out your make up, but for the AM skincare routine, there are more suitable products.

An other chic beauty buy you need to check in Paris is La Roche Posay Serozinc. This is a water spray with added zinc you won’t easily find abroad. In France it’s available at a very low price (less than 10 euros). Now, to clear up any doubts, this is a hydrating toner, although it works amazing on blemish-prone skin. You should consider it not as an acid toner, so if you apply an acid first, this comes soon after it, before serums and treatments. What if your complexion is normal to dry? No worries, Serozinc is conceived for the sensitive/sensitized ones, so you should not experience any dryness or bad feeling.

Am I over with the chic French shopping? Not yet, there’s still part 2 coming. Keep in touch for the make up bits.

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2 Responses to Chic Paris buys

  1. avibrantday says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see more :0)

  2. Yay! I can’t wait to see your makeup picks! 🙂 xx

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