Chic Dior stash

Chic Dior

When I first really got into makeup I was 18 and the purchase was a Dior gloss in stick format. I still have the case at home, but of course I’ve used all the content. Dior has been my first brand and in a sense, my true ‘first time’, because I bought that gloss thanks to my savings. It was a self-present for my high-school graduation.

And for that reason, I treated it as a little treasure. Though not a student anymore, I still find quite hard to buy an entire collection from Dior. And so, I tend to select items according to my personal ‘priorities’.

If I had to select only 5 items to bring with me on a desert island or to educate somebody to the cult of the Dior makeup, I’d certainly recommend:

Rouge Dior – I’m not the gloss in stick teenager anymore. Fact. So over the years I’ve been enjoying the luxurious sensation of the Rouge Dior lipsticks. Velvety. Nourishing. Beautiful to watch and kiss (as I’ve been said). My favorite ones are the deep reds, the rich fucsia and the many peachy pink shades. This in the picture, which you see also below in the swatch is the #540 Rose spring.

J’adore – The entire collection is worth the expense, but in particular L’absolu is something really unique in the world. Born to be the essence of a woman, it’s a luxuriant and sophisticated bouquet. Sweet and vibrant Damask roses play next to luminous Sambac jasmine and powerful Indian tuberose. Awesome!

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow – Every chic lady should have in her collection at least one palette from the Dior 5 couleurs range. Not because the packaging is gorgeous or because it’s cool to have a high-end something in the pocket. But because the shades are really beautiful on the lids. And they’re worth the price. When I apply these in the morning, I can go on blinking for 6-8 hours without feeling the need to re-fresh/re-touch my make up. If you want to save somewhere, the advice is not to invest on colors you wear only seldom, but on something you may enjoy everyday. In my case, for instance, I opted for a combinations of grey-black-white and very very light blue. Like this one. Have a look at the swatches, aren’t the shadows all bright and ‘rich’?

chic Dior swatch

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara black – I’m not the kind to wear colorful mascaras, apart from blue. But to be honest, I find that nothing beautifies lashes as a good black mascara. Inspired by the big-screen eyes of film stars, Diorshow Iconic curl is to me the best high-end mascara of the moment.

Diorskin Poudre libreCan you keep a secret? Dust a little loose powder on your lips with a good wide loose powder brush before applying your usual lipstick and it will last longer. Loose powders are usually the make up artists’ secret to a matte finish and a backstage product models often wear on the catwalks. ‘Robbed’ to the professional environment, it helps set the makeup and is a product I really enjoy from Dior.  Personally I like it in winter and whenever I’m supposed to be photographed (a lot). Anytime I apply Diorskin Poudre libre I’m said ‘you have a wonderful porcelain skin today’.

A good reason to love it isn’t it?



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7 Responses to Chic Dior stash

  1. PatiSallves says:

    I nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award 🙂
    Lots of Love
    Pati ♥

  2. Maria B says:

    Their makeup is so pretty! I’d probably have to save a lot, but I do wish to have a full Dior face one day 😀

  3. wondersreviews says:

    I agree with you about the mascara !
    It’s awsome !
    Used with the Dior lash Maximizer, i dont even need to use the eyelash curler ! And it’s an Asian girl with straight lashes who tell you that !
    WondersReviews Recently Posted : The Great [Guerlain] Le Magnifique

  4. avibrantday says:

    Lovely, Alessia! I’ve been drooling over the 5 couleurs palettes for weeks. I’m *this* close to buying Rue de Passy. I also just ordered the Diorshow eyelash primer. I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Have you tried it?

    • Alessia says:

      Hello lady! Nice to hear from you! Are you sure about ‘Rue de Passy’? I mean, it’s a Guerlain palette isn’t it? I have no experience of the Guerlain eye shadows, but I can tell very positive things about their lipsticks and face powders…coming to Dior instead, I haven’t tried the eye primer, as I’m very happy with my Mac eye primer (though they decided to stop the production)…but I will certainly chase it very soon. You know all the 5 couleurs are worth the expense: they’re very well performing and easy to use. I’ve seen they’re available at an interesting price on Hope to hear you soon. Take care.

      • avibrantday says:

        Oops! Yes, I’ve been eyeing both lovely eyeshadows. It’s Tutu that I’m dying to get my hands on from 5 Couleurs. Good catch! I’ll let you know how I like the eyelash primer. I’ve heard it’s nourishing for lashes and helps protect the tips so they can grow out. I’ll take it! I hope your day is going well.

  5. Alessia says:

    Personal advice, give a look also at the beauty counter when you land to Europe…I purchased a new 5 Couleurs at CDG in Paris and it was 10 euros cheaper than the usual pricing! Tutu is the wonderful pink combination right? Could be perfect for green eyes, whenever you don’t need an extra-dramatic look. Once they told me pink is the right color for tired eyes too. I can’t resist their sets with strong contrasting colors instead, such as #06 Bar, #96 Pied de Poule and Rose Porcelaine, but then you need naked lips otherwise it will be too much I guess…
    Mhm…the eyelash primer sounds very handy: please let me know how it goes.
    I need a short break now, think I’ll put on the kettle and have a good white tea + cookies. 😉

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