Chic September on the shelf

Chic September on the shelf

Hello ladies! Are you all finally back from holidays and ready to enjoy a wonderful new month? If you’re following me on Instagram, you know I’ve spent an exciting week in Paris! I will tell you more in detail soon, because I have lots to share with you about travel beauty bags, last additions to my beauty arsenal, Parisian shopping and tips to enjoy the city, without having to break the bank or wait for hours and hours in a queue at the Louvre.

As I haven’t been using much make up in August, thanks to an entire detox ‘week off’ regime, this September issue of the monthly beauty shelf will feature just one make up product I’m really loving. The rest is all about skin care, hair care and nail care to stay chic, energetic and in love with the seasonal mood.

La Roche Posay Serozincthis is a Holy Grail for me! And after ages spent reading about its unique beautifying properties on the blogs of half world, finally it’s now in my hands!

Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus creme – I’ve been loving this moisturizer since the very first application. If you can stand the smell of herbs, which I like for instance, you’ll love the formula. It’s fresh, calming, nourishing, awesome. A good treatment for all of us who’ve a ‘bizarre complexion’, which is a weird mixture of combination, sensitive, dry, blemish prone.

Essie #Marshmallow – a chic Parisian touch on your nails? For all those who enjoy a ladylike manicure every since and then, this nail polish is surprisingly handy. Why surprisingly? Because I’m not a great fond of the Essie nail polishes. Heresy? Perhaps, but as I like those who make me change my mind, I’m glad to say that this color is really worth the purchase. It’s very light and understated and behaves absolutely well during the application and drying.

Sallie Hansen Miracle cure for severe nails problems – I think the name is enough self-explicative in itself, so I’m not adding much more. I’m at the third application of this now, and I think it’s a powerful nail strengthener. Of course I’m integrating also with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but I noticed that a good product for the nails can helps to improve them a lot, while letting the manicure last longer.

Ysance nail polish remover – The bottle contains a soggy foam in which you insert the fingers, one at a time, and use to remove polishes without leaving any traces. It erased my deep red manicure in a moment. My fingers were left perfectly clean, I didn’t notice any dryness on the nails and furthermore it’s a drugstore product you can buy in France at a very cheap price (2.50 Euros). I didn’t check if it’s available also abroad, but as I found this amazing, I though about dropping down a line on it as well!

Kérastase Bain Vital Dermo Calm Sometimes the wrong shampoo can damage both hair and skin. Most of those available on the market are very aggressive and definitely not suitable to a frequent usage or to delicate skin and hair. If you wash your hair too often (as I do for instance) or are a very stressed person, you may experience scalp sensitivity, which means itchiness, hair fall-out, scalp redness. What to do then? I’m not a doctor, but you won’t need a specialist to understand that a very gentle product to wash your hair can be better. Kérastase Bain Vital Dermo Calm is formulated to meet the needs of those of us who need extra gentle care when talking about shampoos. Alert! It’s foamy, scented and not a pharmacy one.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze – This product is a make up gem. The packaging reminds me a lot of Estée Lauder and Guerlain, which doesn’t mean it’s a dupe, but that it looks like a high-end bronzer, though from The Body shop. It’s a pressed bronzing powder, enriched with honey that is available in 4 different shades and the good news are that it has a super-fair pricing, a highly-portable packaging and that the fairest shade which can be applied also by moon-skinned people like me. Hurrah!

Enough for a wonderful September?

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3 Responses to Chic September on the shelf

  1. Maria B says:

    I too love the fresh scent of herbs! Maybe I’m odd, but I always worry if I use too much heavy sweet scented moisturizer (vanilla for instance) that I’ll get sweaty and smell bad after a while 😀 I love vanilla tho, and still use it, but herbal scents are the best

  2. avibrantday says:

    I’m looking forward to more updates on your trip to Paris!

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