Chic orange manicure

Chic orange manicure

Sundays are supposed to be the day of family lunches, relax and soft jogging at the park. For me they tend to include all those pampering rituals I cannot enjoy during the rest of the week, due to lack of time.

And a good manicure session is one of those rituals. If you don’t aim to reach highly professional results, this is the kind of beauty routine, you can enjoy at home, saving a little bit on your weekly budget.

Recently I’ve been adding a surprisingly new flush to my ‘usual’ colors. A peachy-orange-pink shade, to which I added a golden shimmery top-coat on some fingers, for an extra glamor. The final result is classy and vibrant.

The nail polish here is, like most of the times, from Kiko and is the Nail Lacquer in the shade #358 Peach Rose.

Beautiful and inspiring name, isn’t it?

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