Chic morning skincare routine #2

chic morning skincare routine

I’ve never understood if it’s a beauty myth or not, but I’ve always been suggested to update the skin care routine from time to time. It seems that our complexion gets used at those treatments we give her quite soon, so that it’s impossible to take the best out of a cleanser or a toner for ages. So, here I am, with my new beauty regime.

Perhaps some of these could enter yours soon. Hope so!

Cleanser  –  Starting from the right side of the picture, you see the AOK Bio Expert Waschgel. AOK is a German drugstore brand, you can purchase by DM or Rossmann drugstore at an incredible low price. But it delivers an impressive quality. 99% of this cleanser has natural origin, it doesn’t produce foam on the skin and comes in a gel texture. It’s one of those you rinse off with water, which is a nice and refreshing gesture to do in the morning.

Water spray – I’ve already talked about this thermal water spray here so I’m not repeating it again. It’s a new entry on my bathroom shelf and a good product to use in summer.

Moisturizer – Beach life, sun-bathes, swims, heat, frequent showers may de-hydrate our skin. Which is the perfect ground for blemishes, wrinkles, dry patches and so on. To skip all this, moisturizers are important. Especially at the end of summer, as the season is changing, but most of all, we’re recovering from a big exposure to the sun and to quite heavy conditions. At the moment I’m using Pai Skincare Avocado and Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream 50 ml

BB cream – I know, I know, most of them are stuffed with mineral oil and heavy silicons. This one isn’t. And is really worth a try, for those who, like me, have always felt the lack of a BB cream that doesn’t clog the pores, can be worn by fair skin types and doesn’t look like a melted carrot. REN satin perfection BB cream gives you a very soft touch of color and a flawless, radiant skin. Love this brand, as they don’t test on animals. Cool!



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