Chic Zara top

Chic Sephora top

Sometimes the unexpected things are far better than those you’ve been long craving for.

Imagine a Zara haul with a couple of friends, lots of basic items you try and mix and suggest each other, next to accessories, shoes, hats, printed pants, jackets, tops and tops and tops…until you finally decide to follow the queue for the check-out counter and while you pay for your goods, your eyes stare at an apricot-salmon pink ‘something’ you haven’t tried, but is strangely put by the shop assistant inside your bag. Your mind realizes into a flash ‘What’s that? Where did I pick it up? Wow it looks beautiful’ and it’s done, you pay, you get out and there’s a new top in your wardrobe which wasn’t in your wishlist, but is luckily in the right size and color. Amazing!

Sleevess top

It sounds incredible, but it’s the right model, the right fit, the right fabric for me. I’m speechless!

So I had to accomplish the ‘hard’ job to style it with a classic pair of black pants, black open toes and a few accessories I adore: a lavender bracelet and a pair of long ear-rings.

chic zara top

I took my Furla handbag with me, a pair of sunglasses, as the weather was very hot and sunny when we enjoyed a walk to shoot the pictures.

As regards make up, I opted for a very natural, nude look, playing with bronze-brown shades for the blusher and the eye-shadow and a nude pink on the lips. I thought this was the most chic way to match clothes and make up.


If you’re wondering about the landscape in the background, it’s a medieval cathedral in Italy, in Fidenza, a masterpiece of the ‘Romanesque art’, designed and decorated by the famous sculptor Benedetto Antelami.

Have a look at the lions in front of the entrance, for instance. There’s so much power, strength, attention to the details in them, as well as in the rest of the decorations. Very lovely, isn’t it?


About Alessia

Communication consultant, PR, beauty and food blogger, marathon runner, not in this order
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6 Responses to Chic Zara top

  1. Reify says:

    You look gorgeous! May I ask which blush you have on in those pictures? It looks amazing with the top!

  2. Zara is always a good idea! 😉 xx

  3. avibrantday says:

    Gorgeous all the way around! What a fun story and way to end up with a favorite new top! Thanks for identifying the background building. It’s lovely.

  4. emma york says:

    Love your outfit, very classy!

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