Chic contrasts

Chic contrasts

Dior pink blush and Mac eye shadows palette. These words together could sound to the ears of beauty the perfect formula to chic make up.

Although much has changed over the years in my personal make up top ten, I must admit that Dior and Mac never passed away from my list. But since I find contrasts really intriguing, I made a test, trying to apply these beautiful-high-end powdered products with low cost brushes.

Dior Blush in #876 Happy Cherry is a vibrant, elegant pink you can enjoy with the provided flat brush to sculpt the cheekbones, or to contour along temples, cheeks and jawline. The powder is subtle, extra-fine, ideal to create a healthy glow.

The Mac eyeshadow palette, is an ‘old’ quad launched a few years ago and it contains, in detail:

  • Parlour Smoke – a frost light grey purple you can use a bright base
  • Indigo Noir – a matte purple navy I find really beautiful on green eyes
  • Steel – a classic charcoal grey that enhances the cold components of both green and blue eyes.
  • Cross cultural – a matte brown you can use to line the eyes or for a quite dramatic smokey

As regards tooling, I gave a chance to the Kiko Round Foundation Brush #106, the biggest one in the picture above, which I find more suitable to a blush, rather than a liquid foundation as the producer advices. It’s very similar to a stippling brush, with thinner and lighter ends, that are perfect to blend shades on the cheeks, softening any contrasts and  creating a more chic look. To fade dark eye shadows into the crease, I tried the Kiko Rounded Eye Brush #200. It’s not the softer brush for the eyes, as the bristles are a bit harsh, if compared to Mac or other top brands, but if you need a further tool, when you’re playing with different color for instance, this could be a good low cost alternative.

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6 Responses to Chic contrasts

  1. haticedogan says:

    this is sooo amazing! I also have a beautyblog and I write reviews, do tutorials and I think you would like it because you write about beauty too! It would mean alot if you could check out my blog too and maybe follow me? It’s ok if you don’t want to xxx hatice

  2. I want to use Mac, someday someday 🙂
    Dior blushes are such a delight to use ! I love the colors

  3. Alessia says:

    I’d recommend most of the Mac eye shadows for instance, especially the ‘fair’ tones, as well as their lipsticks. Just a personal feeling, there’s no color that they don’t have. Dior blushes are really really beautiful and easy to use, as most of the make up range. I’m glad you like them !

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