Chic green eyes

Green on green doesn’t work. I know. To enhance green eyes, one should wear hot colors, such as orange, pink, warm browns, copper, burgundy and so on…But if your eyes are a mixture of green-blue-grey-whatever color, a touch of bright emerald green next to a thick black line will enhance quite ‘mysteriously’ the natural green shade of your iris.

These in the picture are the eye pencils I’ve been using the most over the last months. You’ll see a classic black Chanel kajal, a nude pink for the inner lash line, a few blue ones from Make Up for Ever, one darker than the other and two different greens: one more watery-emerald, and an other one which is more olive-sage green.

Whenever I’m looking for a pop of color on the eyelids, I tend to go for green.

What do you think? Shall I try something different?



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5 Responses to Chic green eyes

  1. avibrantday says:

    Beautiful! Looks like a fun collection of pencils, too!

  2. avibrantday says:

    Hi, Alessia. I just nominated you for ‘A Lovely Blog Award.’ I love your blog, and think you’re great. :o) Please don’t feel obligated to do a follow-up post to the nomination if you don’t want to, but hopefully you’ll get some foot traffic from my post. Take care! Jacqueline

    • Alessia says:

      Wow, how lovely you are! Thanks a lot for your kind words and thoughts! I’m so glad you decided to award me 🙂 I’ll certainly post about this and link back to your blog, as I world like to reward you with some more traffic as well. Big hugs from Europe!

  3. Alessia says:

    Thanks a lot, I’d like it too! I’ve read you’re planning a trip to London, right? No plans to visit Italy as well? 😉

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