Chic feet care

chic feet care

The hot temperatures of these days are pushing us all to look longer down at our feet. Whether you do your pedis at home or not, there’s always a good reason to enjoy a feet massage with a good quality balm. And in this particular category, I must admit I can be more exigent that with any make up product or skin care treatment. Feet are one of the most important parts of our bodies. We stand on them, we walk, run, dance, move thanks to our feet. And personally I see them as a seduction tool.

Which means just one coat of nail polish is not enough to have a good care of them. You need a feet treatment, oils to soften cuticles, sponges and exfoliators to remove dead-cells, etc, etc…

But coming back to the feet balm…

First of all, no parabens, silicons or mineral oils please. And possibly, a good natural smell that doesn’t make me instantly smell like a perfumery counter. A rich balm, doesn’t mean I can stand that awful sound of tacky and wet heels against the sandals when I walk. So, rich, but easy to absorb, as I normally apply the feet balm twice a day, in the morning, when out of the shower and in the evening, before switching off the lights. Given that I’m also chasing cruelty free products, I found all these requirements fulfilled by The Body Shop Africa Honey and Beeswax hands and foot butter. It comes in a cute vintage-looking jar, it has a thick consistency and high nourishing property. I’m still enjoying my first package after two months of usage, which means, in other words, you will need a little amount for every massage.

chic feet

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