Shiseido color enhancing trio


I know, I know, you’ve probably seen it many times on my blog as one of my top recommendations over the last months. It’s the Shiseido color enhancing trio an all-in-one compact blush in three different shades and textures, you can use either all together or not, to sculpt, enhance, highlight the face. I tried this also as an allover, sweeping it from the forehead to the chin and the final look was really beautiful. So that people told me many times ‘You look great today’.

Given that I’ve been requested a more detailed review of this product, here you get my thoughts on it, as well as a few swatches of the three shades. I hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

Now, getting back to the product, a reason why to love it is first of all the very compact packaging. Equipped with a flat handy brush, it will help you save space and also money. Personally i don’t feel the need to use it with an other, stand alone brush. But this is only my personal feeling.


As regards the color, I picked up the #RD1 Apple, which I think is the most suitable to very fair complexions with a natural pink undertone. As mine, for instance. The three powders are all a little shimmery, not too much pigmented, and very easy to blend. Personally in the hot season, I enjoy something not totally matte and by the way the shimmery of this blusher is very very soft and not too evident.

Starting with the fairest color in the palette, it’s a nude apricot pink with a very subtle champagne undertone, that makes it brighter and hotter. (left of my arm)

That in the middle, which you can use to contour the face or as a soft bronzer, has a honey-biscuit shade with a lot of reflections. (center of my arm)

The deep pink instead, once applied reveals its gorgeous soft-coraly pink shade. (right of my arm)

All together, they’re a fantastic 3 dimensional powder.

I haven’t tried the other shades of the collection, but in case you did, I’d be curious to know what you think. Enjoy!


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